Chris Harne’s Extensive Condiment Packet Collection

Chris Harne collects something unusual.

On his website, The Condiment Packet Gallery, you can view his huge collection of…condiment packets.

On the site, he describes his collection process in great detail:

“I carefully remove the contents of my packets by slicing open the back along the bottom seam with a sharp blade. I rinse the inside of the packets thoroughly to ensure all traces of sauce are expelled. I then wait until the packets are completely dry before I place them in baseball card cases to preserve them cleanly and safely for many generations.”

If you have a packet that he is missing, you can send it to him.  Instructions can be found HERE.  In return, Chris will send you a cool pin.


He would be jealous of my accumulation of restaurant straws.


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2 thoughts on “Chris Harne’s Extensive Condiment Packet Collection

  1. Lonnie says:

    Thanks for this. Art can be found everywhere. If one can collect matchbooks, why would condiment packages be any different? Besides, in the case of Taco Bell, it can also give a sort of history of fast food.

  2. sweetiegirlz says:

    That’s cool, thanks :-) (I would’ve thought there’d be more, but still cool collection)

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