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Sin City 2 To Shoot Next Year, Hard Boiled To Follow

The long-awaited  Sin City 2 will finally begin production in the second half of 2010, to be followed by a possible adaptation of Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled.

According to a report on Mania, “Sin City 2” producer Stephen L’Heureux confirmed that the story will be based upon an original script by Miller, who will once again co-direct the sequel with Robert Rodriguez .

Additionally, L’Heureux revealed that Miller is writing the screenplay adaptation for “Hard Boiled”, which Miller is also attached to direct.


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Apple Releases iTunes 9.0.2, Adds Apple TV 3.0 Support

Apple has released iTunes 9.0.2, the latest update to its digital media management application. According to Apple’s release notes, iTunes 9.0.2 “adds support for Apple TV software version 3.0, adds an option for a dark background for Grid View, and improves support for accessibility.” The updated software is a 92.8 MB download on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and is available now via Apple’s Software Update utility, or as a direct download from


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Entertainment Weekly’s Coverage of Stephen King’s Under the Dome

Entertainment Weekly will be publishing an excerpt of Stephen King’s new novel, Under the Dome in their print magazine currently scheduled to be on stands on October 30th.  The excerpt is not expected to be available on-line.

On Thursday, October 29th, the Under the Dome book trailer will premiere exclusively on and EW’s Shelf Life Blog for one day only.

On Friday, October 30th, and EW’s Shelf Life Blog will launch a short video of Stephen reading the first few pages of Under the Dome.  This is also a one-day exclusive.


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Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

The Electronic Guitar Shirt ($30) is not a toy that plays pre-canned musical riffs, it is a real musical instrument that allows you to play your favorite songs and sound great doing it. All major chords are recorded from a real electric guitar, and the included magnetic pick allows you to strum just like you would a real guitar. It also includes a mini-amp.


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U2 On YouTube

The world’s greatest band on the world’s largest stage – U2 on YouTube. Watch the rebroadcast of the full live streaming performance from the Rose Bowl. Recorded on Sunday, October 25th.

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Netflix Comes To The PS3

After more than 11 months of Xbox 360 exclusivity, Netflix will be making its way to the PlayStation 3 next month.  Starting in November, PS3 owners who have Netflix accounts will be able to stream “thousands of movies and TV episodes” right from their consoles.

You can head over to right now to sign up to be notified when the service is available, and to reserve a free “instant streaming disc.”  Yep, you heard that right: at least “initially,” Netflix on PS3 will require a Blu-ray Disc to be in the PS3 in order to stream content– probably due to the fact that Netflix on the Xbox 360 requires syncing a console with a code, maybe that’s what this disc is doing.

If you’re a PS3 owner looking to open up a Netflix account, the minimum monthly plan that allows for Instant Watch costs $8.99 a month. Not bad a bad deal — especially considering that Xbox Live Gold Members still need a fifty-dollar-a-year account to do it.

It’s also been rumored that Netflix will be available via the Nintendo Wii within a year, but there is nothing concrete to support this as of yet.

HERE is the Official Sony/Netflix Press Release. (Written by Nick Creature)



Left 4 Dead Demo Goes Live Tonight

Attention Zombie fanatics, tonight is a big night for you.  The Left for Dead 2 downloadable demo goes live at 11pm.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a multi-player, first-person shooter that has players taking control of one of four survivors as they try to make it through a zombie-infested New Orleans.  The game focuses on cooperation and team play.  It is the sequel to Left 4 Dead, arguably considered to be one of the best multi-player games of 2008.

Those who’ve pre-purchased Left 4 Dead 2 for on PC via Steam, Valve Software’s incredible online digital distribution store, can already start pre-loading the demo.

Early access to the L4D2 demo is also available for Xbox 360 customers.  Those who stop by a Gamestop to pre-order it should be able to pick up an early access code and be ready to play tonight at 11pm when the demo launches on xbox live.

If you’re any kind of a zombie fan, then you’re probably already loading your shotgun in anticipation just like I am.  See you online tonight.  And remember, aim for the head and always save the last one for yourself just in case. (Written by Nick Creature)



New Stephen King Story To Appear In The New Yorker Magazine

The November 9th issue of The New Yorker magazine which will be available on newsstands on November 2nd, will feature a new short story by Stephen King called “Premium Harmony,” which is set in Castle Rock.

newyorker logo

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Stephen King Under the Dome Interview

Stephen King is back and ready to make your hair stand on end with ‘Under the Dome,’ a complex novel about society and humanity with that signature King touch. PopEater is proud to exclusively premiere an interview in which King discusses ‘Dome.’ “There’s a saying that people have in Alcoholics Anonymous, which is ‘You’re only as sick as your secrets.’ Some of the people in this book are pretty sick indeed, and let’s put it this way, I think readers are going to be engaged, but I don’t think they’re going to be totally surprised by some of the things people are holding back because we have them in our own lives,” King says in the interview. Watch it HERE.


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Get Some Play – New Game Releases For Oct. 29 – Oct. 31

Winter is for gamers what summer is to cinephiles.  Here at The Fire Wire, we’ll let you know what’s coming out on a weekly basis and what releases you should keep your eye on when it comes to getting the most play for your hard-earned buck.  It seems the holiday buying season is upon us once again.  Let the game deluge begin.

This week sees three huge releases.  DJ Hero does for hip-hop exactly what Guitar Hero did for Rock Music and a party full of drunks.  Release your inner Jam Master Jay by scratching and cross-fading along to the pretty lights.

Christmas arrives a little early for the gear-heads as Forza Motorsport 3 peels out this week exclusively on Xbox 360.  Probably the absolute best driving simulator to date, the game is fully customizable, has a die-hard community of car-tuners behind it, and comes complete with a second disc full of nothing but race tracks and cars.

And just in case you’ve got a die-hard itch to kick someone in the face this week, Tekken 6 has your back.  2009 has proved that old-school fighters are back with a vengeance and tougher than ever.     

Those uber-titles release alongside two other noteworthy contenders, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City.

This week’s total game count: 20 for DS; 19 for Wii; 10 for 360; 8 for PSP; 6 for PC; 5 for PS3; and 4 for PS2.  Ouch.  Can’t tell which is gonna hurt more; my fingers or my wallet? 

Monday (Oct. 26)

Are you Smarter Than A 5th Grader?: Game Time (Wii, DS, 360)
The Backyardigans (DS)
Borderlands (PC)
Hasbro Family Game Night (DS)
Hasbro Family Game Night 2 (Wii)
Mytran Wars (PSP)
Nerf N-Strike Elite (Wii)
Ni Hao, Kai-Lan: Super Game Day (Wii, PS2)
Spongebob: Truth or Square (Wii, PSP, DS, 360, )
World of Zoo (Wii, DS, PC)

Tuesday (Oct. 27)

100 All-Time Favorites (DS)
Adventures To Go! (Gamestop Exclusive, PSP)
All Star Cheer Squad 2 (Wii)
Atelier Annie Alchemists of Sera Island (DS)
Barbie and the Three Musketeers (Wii, DS)
Ben 10: Alien Force Vilgax Attacks (360, Wii, PS2, DS, PSP)
Chronicles of Mystery:Curse of the Ancient Temple (DS)
CSI Deadly Intent (360, Wii, PC)
CSI Deadly Intent: The Hidden Cases (DS)
Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 3 (Wii)
Dance Dance Revolution X2 (PS2)
Diner Dash: Flo on the Go (DS)
DJ Hero (360, PS3, PS2, Wii)
Drawn to Life: Next Chapter (Wii, DS)
Dream Salon (DS)
Fairytale Fights (360, PS3)
Forza Motorsport 3 (360)
Hidden Mysteries Titanic (Wii, DS)
Jewel Quest Mysteries (Wii)
Jurassic the Hunted (360, PS3, Wii, PS2)
League of Legends: Clash of Fates (PC)
Sim Animals: Africa (Wii, DS)
Tekken 6 (360, PS3)
Petz Dogz Family (PSP)
Petz Dolphinz Encounter (DS)
Petz Hamsterz Bunch (PSP)
Petz Saddle Club (PSP)
Press Your Luck 2010 Edition (Wii, DS, PC)
Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time (PS3)
The Stronghold Collection (PC)
Sushi Academy (DS)
Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure (DS)

Wednesday (Oct. 28)

Inferno Pool (360)

Thursday (Oct. 29)

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (360)

Friday (Oct. 30)

Ghostbusters (PSP)
Remington North American Bord Hunter (Wii)

(Written by Nick Creature)



Look For Top Chef: Just Desserts In 2010

Bravo’s “Top Chef” is finally getting its “Just Desserts.” The cable channel has cooked up another spinoff of its popular “Top Chef” franchise, but this time focusing on the sweet stuff. Casting gets under way this week for “Top Chef: Just Desserts,” which is set to air sometime in 2010. “Just Desserts” will pit pastry chefs against one other in a weekly elimination competish similar to the original “Top Chef.” Desserts occasionally make an appearance on “Top Chef,” but as Bravo exec VP-general manager Frances Berwick noted, even the show’s top “cheftestants” frequently trip up while trying to whip up such concoctions. “Their Achilles heel is usually the desserts,” Berwick said of the “Top Chef” cooks. “As this has gone on, we’ve been thinking that it would be fun to do a ‘Top Chef’ with experienced pastry chefs. We’ve had a few pastry chefs on ‘Top Chef,’ but they haven’t gone too far. It’s just a different skill.” Berwick said there’s no host or judges in place for “Top Chef: Just Desserts,” but decisions will be made over the next few weeks. “Just Desserts” pickup comes soon after Bravo also picked up a second season of “Top Chef Masters,” which pits established, well-known chefs against each other, playing for charity. Like “Top Chef,” the pastry chefs in “Just Desserts” will live together and face an elimination each week. (“Masters,” on the other hand, was conducted in a tournament style, with different chefs facing off each week until the final round.) In adding a third edition of “Top Chef” to the schedule, Berwick said Bravo now hopes to have some sort of “Top Chef” presence on the network’s schedule throughout the entire year.



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The Borderland Wastes Are Not To Be Traveled Lightly

Borderlands chronicles a group of treasure hunters on a dusty slog across the planet Pandora as they seek out the legendary treasures of a mysterious place called the Vault.  From the moment the bus drops your player off at the deserted town of Fyrestonet, you best steel yourself because a lot of rootin-tootin’, lootin’ and shootin’ is about to be done.

In Borderlands, there are four characters to choose from: a burly, melee-skilled Berserker; a turret-spawning Soldier; a Siren, whose Phasewalking skill makes her fast and invisible; and a Hunter, who favors his sniper rifle and pet Bloodwing Falcon.  Each character comes armed with dozens of customizable skills and the game packs in over a hundred missions to play through.  Part first-person shooter, part role-playing game, a constant collection of Halo-esque recharging shields, stat-boosting artifacts, character class modifiers, grenade types, and “bazillions” of guns is much of Borderlands appeal.  But the real star is its four-player, cooperative multiplayer mode.

Co-op is what Borderlands does best.  Blasting off a jump in a vehicle when you’ve got a real-live partner in the gunner’s seat and two more that are clearing the road in front of you is just plain damn fun as hell.  It’s nice that the game rewards tightly focused, well-commanded squads.  When player skills and capabilities complement each other well, a good squad can churn through some of the games less interesting fetch quests, haul ass as a team to the next score, and power level each other in a blink.  And contrary to popular multi-player shooter belief, slogging through Borderlands with a novice isn’t such a bad thing either.  From personal experience, carrying the newbie quickly evolved into spot-on order taking and on the fly strategizing as the inexperienced player began to grasp the simple concept of team work/team reward versus wandering aimlessly and competing for loot drops.  And that’s what this game is really all about: loot, loot, and more loot.

Borderlands has a quickly addictive reward system- from randomized weapons with elemental ammo to big bonuses in cash and experience for completed quests.  This reward system kept the game going longer than I intended every single time I played.  If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, then you definitely are no stranger to the phrase, “Just one more quest, and I swear I’ll turn it off.”  Borderlands elicits the same response.  New loot, new levels, and new areas to explore provide constant curiosity as to what’s coming next.  Tons of small quests with big rewards make it hard to put down.  But besides being fun, Borderlands looks damn good.

The game’s “concept art” cell-shading adds personality to what otherwise might have been flat, barren stretches of desert land.   A thick-lined, cartoon style makes the game look like a living graphic novel.  Player characters and enemy designs are sharp.  Awesome texture work makes a been-done-to-death, post-apocalyptic environment really eye catching.  Effects, such as the way an enemy burns when dying from a fire attack, are also really cool to see… and hear.  The game’s voice-acting is also really well-done.  And while the game’s story may be nothing special to write home about, some of the things that the whacked-out characters of the wasteland say and the conviction with which they deliver them could be considered comic gold.

In short, Borderlands gets lots of things right.  Balance is one of them.  The shooting mechanics are sound, as are many of the role-playing aspects.  But where Borderlands excels is in offering a functional four-player cooperative, loot-hoarding experience, with gorgeous environments to adventure in.  The game feels like a Massively Multiplayer Online game that doesn’t require large groups of other players to enjoy.  Borderlands is also one of those games that is so strong in certain parts that its shortcomings- barebones story, lackluster AI- can be overlooked without a second glance.  When you’re with a couple good friends frantically trying to stay alive as your being swarmed by angry hordes of midget-psycho mutants, giant spider-ants, and three-balled hillbillies from another planet, you probably won’t care too much about that other stuff.  Borderlands strongly succeeds where plenty of others have failed miserably. (Review written by Nick Creature)


Stephen King On The Delay Of His e-Book And The $9 Price Wars

In the latest skirmish in the e-book war, Scribner announced this week that it will delay the e-book release of perennial best-seller Stephen King’s new novel, Under the Dome, until Dec. 24. That’s almost six weeks after the hardcover edition goes on sale November 10. “We think that this publishing sequence gives us the opportunity to maximize hardcover sales and at the same time allows people who receive a reading device or gift certificates as a holiday gift to enjoy the digital edition,” says  Adam Rothberg, a spokesman for Scribner. In an exclusive comment to Entertainment Weekly, the author himself was more blunt: “It’s time to give the smaller bookstores a little breathing room (although not much chance of that, with Walmart offering Dome for nine bucks.)” He’s referring to the fact that Walmart (as well as Amazon and Target) this week began offering his book, along with nine hot titles, for as little as $8.98. The retail price of King’s book is $35, which means these retailers are taking a loss on each book. King is not alone in his concern about the impact the $9 price wars will have on traditional booksellers. The recent price-chopping has led the American Booksellers Association, which represents independent bookstores, to file an official complaint with the U.S. Justice Department, charging that the three retail behemoths are engaging in “illegal predatory pricing.” In a letter released yesterday, the ABA went on to say that the practice was “damaging to the book industry and harmful to consumers.” A top publishing executive tells EW: “They had no choice. Bookstores are simply under siege. On one side, they’re facing the threat of e-books, and on the other they’re staring in the face of these three ugly superpowers.” David Young, the CEO of Hachette Book Group USA (publisher of James Patterson’s upcoming I, Alex Cross, another one of the $8.98 titles), told the New York Times: “I do think this massive devaluation of the industry’s crown jewels could very quickly be extremely harmful. And I would not be alone in thinking that.”


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First Official Look at The A-Team

Here is your first official look at Bradley Cooper as Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson as Sgt. “B.A.” Baracus, Sharlto Copley as Capt. “Howling Mad” Murdock, and Liam Neeson as John “Hannibal” Smith in the Joe Carnahan-directed The A-Team. The action-adventure, also starring Jessica Biel, will hit theaters on June 11, 2010.



New AC/DC Box Set Packs Rarities Into Functioning Guitar Amp

AC/DC’s new $200 box set packs musical rarities and memorabilia inside a functional 1-watt guitar amplifier.

The AC/DC Backtracks packaging, pictured, is unique and fully operational. And what’s inside is impressive as well: The limited-edition box set includes a stunning variety of media and collectibles.

The working amplifier comes packed with three CDs, two DVDs, one LP, a 164-page hardcover book and “memorabilia from the band’s earliest days of touring,” including a button, sticker, tour flier, track sheet, temporary tattoo, guitar pick, three lithographs, a poster and a replica of one of the fake $100 bills used to shower audiences during the ‘91 Moneytalks tour.

The whole hard-rocking shebang is now available from the AC/DC Backtracks website.

Fans will be happy to find that the Backtracks CDs include “studio rarities” including six never-before-released tracks, plus two discs of “live rarities” spanning the band’s long career, from 1977’s Sydney Arts Festival to a 2000 show in Phoenix.

It’s hard not to be impressed by just about every aspect of this release, including the video elements on the two DVDs. Rather than forcing fans to buy stuff they already have, the DVDs pick up where the double-DVD Family Jewels left off, with music videos, live tour footage, 20 cuts from the band’s 2003 tour and “making of” videos for “Hard as a Rock” and “Rock ‘N Roll Train.”

As for the book, it includes “rare and unseen photos spanning 1974-2009,” original press releases, tour itineraries, tour books, test pressing labels and vintage advertisements.

The vinyl LP is audiophile-quality 180-gram vinyl featuring 12 studio rarities, also available on one of the three CDs for those who lack a turntable.

Don’t believe the band’s claim that the cool collectible can be played as an amplifier? Check the Backtracks website, which includes videos of fidgety guitar-slinger Angus Young playing his famous “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Back in Black” riffs on one of the box sets.

Note to other bands: The deluxe-box-set ante has been raised.


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If You Want Fun Brutal Legend’s Got It!

Brutal album cover

The Fire Wire is expanding into a new arena today…gaming.  We will post interesting reviews, upcoming release announcements and other related news. Here is a review of the recently released game Brutal Legend written by our new gaming correspondent, Nick.

Brutal Legend is the latest game from the mind of Tim Schafer (Double Fine Productions), the man behind such classic games as Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, and the critically acclaimed Psychonauts.

In Brutal Legend, you play as Eddie Riggs, a roadie for the band Kabbage Boy, the nu-metal teen idols whose number one hit-song confirms Riggs’s worst nightmare that heavy metal music is officially dead.  After a freak stage accident causes some of Riggs’s blood to spill onto his belt buckle, which was actually forged from a piece of the metal skeleton of Ormagöden, the ancient Fire Beast god of a mystical alternate heavy metal universe, Riggs awakens in a strange world where heavy metal suffers under the tyrannical thumb of the evil, cloven-footed Lord Doviculus.  Using every skill he’s learned from a life spent on the road and in the shadows of rock gods, Eddie must free this oppressed world from the demon reign. To do this he needs three things: a bad-ass car, an army of metal-heads, and the true power of rock and roll.

Brutal Legend is a game that can’t be classified by genre.  It mixes several different several styles of gameplay, from open-world action-adventure to real-time strategy to vehicle combat, and it borrows from every genre you can think of, simplifying each core mechanic so that it is not cumbersome to the player.  The game starts off by teaching you basic guitar and axe button-mashing combat, then eases into some simple driving and shooting.  Before long, Brutal Legend plunges players into “Stage Battles,” which are watered-down, real-time strategy skirmishes to attack and defend rock concerts where headbangers and groupies are the meat for the heavy metal grinder.  It’s an odd mixing of gameplay styles that really shouldn’t mesh together but do in the context of the crazy lore in which they are steeped.

And that’s where Brutal Legend really shines like a rainbow in the dark.  It is hilariously scripted and brilliantly imaginative.  The story is deep, the characters and struggles are real, and there is heartfelt emotion behind a ton of laugh-out-loud moments.  It is clear from the game’s cold opening that the intention was not only to point out the absurdity of the connotation that comes with the label of heavy metal, but also to treat that source material with the love and reverence it clearly deserves.  The album cover menus are the absolute best in any game to date.    

Non-lovers of metal music will have a fun time with the game thanks to its visually striking look, its fun core gameplay, its truly funny script, and its A-list voice talent headlined by Jack Black, but true metal heads should immediately get hell bent for leather to find a copy of Brutal Legend.  The inside jokes, cameos, and a soundtrack that may as well be a retrospective heavy metal history lesson make this a game a must own.

With two devil horns raised enthusiastically high for Brutal Legend, Shafer and his Double Fine team have masterfully tuned different gameplay strings into a completely satisfying experience that no lover of rock and roll will want to miss out on.  

Review written by Nick Creature

Brutal Car


Stephen King’s Under The Dome Interactive Cover

Today at they launched an interactive cover of the book that can be viewed HERE.


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Barnes and Noble Announces Nook – The World’s Most Advanced eBook Reader

If you just ordered a Kindle, stop reading now or you’re in for a giant dose of buyer’s remorse. Barnes and Noble unveiled a new e-book reader called ‘Nook’, and it is hot, both inside and out.

Nook looks a lot like Amazon’s white plastic e-book reader, only instead of the chiclet-keyboard there is a color multitouch screen, to be used as a keyboard or to browse books, cover-flow style. The machine runs Google’s Android OS and it will have wireless capability from AT&T.

The $260 Nook–same price as the Kindle 2-is expected to be on sale at the end of November.

The Nook has the regular black-and-white E Ink display and a 3.5-inch color touchscreen. The latter allows users to browse books. The Nook also comes with built-in WiFi, 2GB of internal storage, MP3 player and supports open formats such as EPUB. Nook users have features such as bookmarks, and the ability to share books with friends for up to a fortnight through other e-readers, smartphones or computers.

Barnes and Noble has said Nook customers will have access to its online bookstore that includes books, newspapers and magazines. The Nook itself can hold up to 1,500 e-books and includes the ability to lend eBooks to friends.


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Little Star Wars Costumes

If Darth Vader is going to start an intergalactic conflict, it should at least be about something important, like who gets the last piece of Halloween candy. With these Little Star Wars Costumes ($20) your precious Princess Leias and darling Darth Vaders should score enough loot to feed a Wookie. Each fleece costume has a separate headpiece to simulate Yoda’s ears, R2D2’s head, Leia’s hair, and Vader’s helmet. Darth Vader also has a detachable cape for that imposing look.



Apple Announces A Bunch of Shiny New Goodies Today!

While it’s a little hard to tell from the front, the new Apple iMac ($1,200 – $2,000) has changed a lot from its predecessor. Available with either a 21.5- or 27-inch 16:9, glass-covered LED backlit display, a fully aluminum back panel, 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors standard with quad-core 2.66GHz Core i5 or 2.8GHz Core i7 processors as options, a built-in SD card slot, up to 16GB of RAM, an included Apple Wireless Keyboard and new multi-touch Magic Mouse, and more. You’ll be waiting until November if you want a Core i5 or i7 model.


Apple finally updated its long-in-the-tooth non-aluminum laptop today with the release of the new MacBook ($1,000). Bringing it up to speed with its Pro counterparts, the new base-level MacBook features a polycarbonate unibody design with a non-skid bottom surface, an LED-backlit 13.3-inch display, a 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, NVIDIA 9400M graphics, Apple’s latest built-in battery technology for up to seven hours of battery life, and a glass multi-touch trackpad. Sadly, there’s no black option this time around.


Apple’s Magic Mouse ($69) eschews mechanical buttons and scroll wheels, letting you navigate using the same Multi-Touch technology used on the iPhone and MacBook trackpads. The sexy, seamless, touch-sensitive device works as a single or multi-button mouse with advanced gesture support, allowing you to scroll, pan, or swipe with ninja-finger skill. Works for lefties too.


Apple also announced a new Apple Remote that has aluminum niceness and works with the iPhone, iPods with the Universal Dock, and iMacs introduced since 2005 that have a built-in infrared receiver. According to Apple, the remote “gives you total command of your music, photos, videos, and DVDs from anywhere in the room. It works with Front Row to make accessing the digital content on your Mac as simple as navigating your iPod.” On an iPod or iPhone connected to a dock with IR you can “experience your songs, slideshows, and more from across the room. Plug your iPod into the Universal Dock and choose a playlist, slideshow, or video. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy. Ready to move on to the next song? No need to get up. Just press the Next button on the Apple Remote. Getting a call on your iPhone? Press Pause, then pick up where you left off.”



Dave Eggers Talks To Rolling Stone About The Wild Things

Author Dave Eggers talked to Rolling Stone Magazine about his inspirations (E.T. and The Wizard of Oz) and the secrets behind Carol and Company from the film, The Wild Things.  You can read the interview HERE.


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LEGO Taj Mahal

If a trip to India isn’t in the cards this year, take a virtual trip by way of the Lego Taj Mahal ($300). Featuring an impressive 5,922 pieces, this ultra-detailed recreation is sure to provide hours of entertainment, and at least a little frustration, measuring over 20 inches wide and 16 inches tall, with details such as minarets, domes, arches, and stairs.


Stephen King’s Ka is a Wheel Game? released the opening credits for the upcoming Dark Tower project that appears to be an interactive and immersive game. The streaming video is now available in three classes of connection speed HERE. The site goes live on November 30th.


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