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Happy Halloween From The Old Woman’s League For Raisins And Pennies Everywhere

The ladies who give out raisins and pennies as Halloween treats have banded together to form Old Woman’s League for Raisins And Pennies Everywhere — or O.W.L. R.A.P.E.

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Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Movie Slated For May 17th, 2013

In September Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman’s announced an ambitious cross-media adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, that will begin with a movie, then run as a television series for a year before a second movie, then back to television, and so on.

It’s official now and Universal has announced the release date of the first movie.

Right at the end of a list of Universal’s “tentpole” releases of the next few years is the announcement that The Dark Tower will be released on Friday, May 17, 2013. Presumably, the television series continuation will begin the following fall season, probably on NBC.

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New Episode of Yo Gabba Gabba Airs November 5th, 2010 Featuring The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips are coming to Yo Gabba Gabba! Oklahoma’s most famous psychedelic rockers will appear on the November 5th episode of the popular kids’ show singing “I Can Be a Frog,” from their 2009 album Embryonic.

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On November 18th, The Cartoon Art Museum In San Francisco Welcomes Pixar’s Teddy Newton To Discuss His Book, Day & Night

On Thursday, November 18, the Cartoon Art Museum welcomes Pixar Animation Studios’ Teddy Newton as he discusses his career in animation and his new book, Day & Night, based on the animated short of the same name. Day & Night premiered with the theatrical release of Toy Story 3, and received instant critical acclaim. Pixar’s Chris Wiggum will interview Newton, and a book signing will follow. The suggested donation for this event is $5.

About Teddy Newton:

Teddy Newton is one of Pixar’s most well known character designers and artists as well as the writer and director of Day & Night, the animated short that screened in theaters before Toy Story 3. Newton has worked on numerous Pixar features and short subjects, including The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up, Jack-Jack Attack, Your Friend the Rat and Presto. He is also frequently cast as a voice in Disney•Pixar films, including the role of Chatter Telephone in Toy Story 3.

“Day & Night is one of the most clever and original ideas we’ve ever seen at Pixar. I love that it pulls you in with pure entertainment, but also has such a special message—one that’s so appropriate for our time.”

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Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters

Steve Thomas created these amazing Star Wars mash up travel posters. They are inspired by the vintage travel posters of the early 20th century. If you are interested in ordering prints and want to know when they will be available, please leave a comment HERE and the artist will get back to you.

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Canadian designer Adrian Johnson constructed this retro loveseat by inserting the back seat of a 1986 BMW 325e into an olive green 1980 Gibson Frost Clear Deluxe refrigerator. The result is a cool mashup that he calls “Fridgecouch”.

Each Fridgecouch is meticulously handcrafted from Johnson’s collection of car seats that he keeps in storage. With a seat in mind, he then goes in search of the right fridge to fit it.

You can see more of his funky frozen furniture creations HERE.

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The DC Chronicle Year By Year Book

For more than 70 years, DC Comics has been entertaining children and adults alike. Here, for the first time, is the chronological account of the adventures of both the characters and the company that created them. The book organizes the company’s major moments, year-by-year with art, factoids and a number of highlights.

The DC Chronicle Year By Year ($50) traces DC’s fascinating story, from the beginnings to the present day.

Highlighting the debuts of Superman and Batman, the geniuses that invented them, and the real-life events-like the Vietnam War, the atom bomb, the Space Race- that shaped the atmosphere of the times, DC Chronicle Year by Year follows the characters’ foray into the real world through TV series and blockbuster movies.

The 352 page slipcased hardcover book is available now and features an amazing wraparound cover by Ryan Sook.

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Domenico DeMarco of Di Fara, Making Pizza in Brooklyn For 45 Years

Margaret Emily MacKenzie created a great mini documentary about Domenico DeMarco of Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, who has been making pizza over 45 years.

Hailed as the “godfather of Brooklyn pizza,” for forty five years Domenico DeMarco, Italian émigré and father of seven, has been slinging pizzas in his legendary corner shop, Di Fara. Employing five of his children, Dom works tirelessly from morning until night hand crafting each and every pizza himself while his kids take orders and manage the mob of devoted pizza aficionados.

The Best This I Ever Done is a portrait of DeMarco and his beloved pizzeria, an exploration of his rise to fame and an ode to pizzaioli who take their time to ‘make it right.’

Watch the video HERE.

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Michael Jackson Thriller Film In The Works

After the success of posthumous concert film “This Is It” last year, Michael Jackson’s music may next hit the big screen in a film version of “Thriller.” GK Films is negotiating to acquire the rights to a feature-length adaptation of the song, according to

Kenny Ortega, who helmed “This Is It” as well as the “High School Musical” films, is reportedly attached to direct, while “The Hangover” writer Jeremy Garelick is pegged to write the screenplay. The film’s plot is rumored to revolve around Vincent Price, who narrated the groundbreaking “Thriller” music video in 1983.

The film, which is being shopped by Real Effects Entertainment, has also reportedly drawn interest from studios like Fox 2000, Summit Entertainment and Mandate/Lionsgate. The project would likely be budgeted at under $50 million — which is 100 times as much as the $500,000 used to make the 13-minute “Thriller” video.

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Boil Buoy

They say a watched pot never boils, but with the Boil Buoy ($10), you’ll never again have to worry about your gaze stopping the process. This nifty kitchen helper floats in your pot of water, and when the action starts, you’ll get a audible alert from the stainless steel chime, letting you know it’s time to add your food.

The stainless steel chime contains an enclosed foam core for buoyancy with a weighted bottom to ensure that the device stays upright and ready to ring. The gadget is made from 100% food- and heat-safe materials.


This Week’s Entertainment Weekly Has An Exclusive Look At Captain America: The First Avenger

Entertainment Weekly is featuring Chris Evans as Captain America on the cover of its new issue and talked to the star and director Joe Johnston about the July 22 release as well. Here’s some quotes followed by the cover…

“At the time, I remember telling a buddy of mine, ‘If the movie bombs, I’m f—-ed. If the movie hits, I’m f—-ed!’” After declining the part three times, Evans took a meeting with Marvel execs and Johnston and was dazzled by their plans for the movie. He still felt wary about suiting up for Captain America — but then he had an epiphany. “I was just scared,” he says. “I realized my whole decision making process was fear based, and you never want to make a decision out of fear.’” Evans signed a six-picture deal with Marvel to play the character, and he has no regrets: “I can’t believe was almost too chicken to play Captain America.”

“The interesting thing about this character is that he’s an everyman who in the course of a few minutes become a perfect human specimen. That has to create some interesting personal issues,” says Johnston. “I saw it as an opportunity to make a superhero movie that felt real, that didn’t have to rely on an overabundance of fantasy elements.”

The issue will be available tomorrow.

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Francisco Domingo Joaquim Has A Big Mouth

Guinness World Records has officially recognized 20-year-old Francisco Domingo Joaquim of Angola as being the man with the widest mouth in the world — nearly 6.7 inches across!

Known as “The Jaw of Awe”, Francisco is said to have shot to fame after showing off his ‘talent’ at local markets and football games.

The new record holder says it’s a “dream come true” to be featured in the new Guinness World Records 2011 book.


Rock Star Pumpkins

Click HERE to see a gallery of 35 pumpkins carved to look like rock stars.

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Herman Miller SAYL Chair

If you’re going to be stuck in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, you might as well do it in style, and for a reasonable price. Lucky for you, Herman Miller’s new SAYL chair ($399) has your back – literally. The designers at Herman Miller utilized the engineering principles of a suspension bridge in order to bring you the company’s latest office obsession. The unframed back of the chair is composed of a flexible suspension material supported by an innovative Y-Tower, which in addition to the chair’s resemblance to a boat’s sail, lends itself to the unique name. (From GearPatrol)


Ensemble: The Style of Music

Twenty iconic male musicians are whittled down to their clothes. Elvis, Hendrix, Johnny Cash, The Beatles and more are all represented in this minimalistic image that is limited to 250 copies.

Prints are available HERE for $30.

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Equilibrium Bookcase By Malagana Design

With its cantilevered modules stacked upon each other at a single angled point, Equilibrium is a unique furniture piece that immediately catches attention by creating a sense of amusement and surprise. While its compartments seem to float in the air, Equilibrium can hold over 120 Lbs of weight and its different modules allow to keep books and magazines organized in a natural tilted position that eliminates the need for bookends. The acclaimed bookcase comes offered with a combination of natural walnut veneer and one of three color options: White, Celeste and Graphite. Specific custom colors can be  matched upon request. It can be conveniently disassembled to fit inside the two larger modules and it ships in one easy to handle box. It can be assembled in just a few minutes without the need of tools or hardware.

Equilibrium can be purchased directly from Malagana Design. E-mail them at and they can provide pricing and shipping costs.


Third Christopher Nolan Batman Movie To Be Titled The Dark Knight Rises

In an interview with Hero Complex, Christopher Nolan revealed that the title for his third Batman film will be The Dark Knight Rises. He added that the villain “won’t be the Riddler.”

“We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along, and we’ll be introducing some new ones,” Nolan said cryptically. He also said that the studio has agreed with him not to shoot the movie in 3D.

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Tube-Free Toilet Paper

The toilet paper roll is about to undergo its biggest change in 100 years: going tubeless. On Monday, Kimberly-Clark, one of the world’s biggest makers of household paper products, will begin testing Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet paper at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores throughout the Northeast.

If sales take off, it may introduce the eco friendly line nationally and globally — and even consider adapting the technology into its paper towel brands.

The holes in the rolls aren’t perfectly round but they do fit over TP spindles and come with this promise: Even the last piece of toilet paper will be usable — without glue stuck on it.

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Man Men Fans Can Now Order The Book, Sterling’s Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man

Mad Men fans rejoice, you can now order Sterling’s Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Ad Man ($16.95), the autobiography of advertising pioneer Roger Sterling. According to the publisher, Grove/Atlantic the 176 page book is being reissued after being out of print 45 years.

The fictional character’s pithy comments and observations are a highlight of the AMC Sunday night program.

The bio reads as follows:

“Advertising pioneer and visionary Roger Sterling, Jr., served with distinction in the Navy during World War II, and joined Sterling Cooper Advertising as a junior account executive in 1947. He worked his way up to managing partner before leaving to found his own agency, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, in 1963.

During his long and illustrious career, Sterling has come into contact with all the luminaries and would-be luminaries of the advertising world, and he has acquired quite a reputation among his colleagues for his quips, barbs, and witticisms.”

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THE FIRE WIRE Comic Book Pick of The Week: Action Comics 894

Paul Cornell continues his engaging and surprise-laden run on Action Comics with a knockout punch – Death, one of the Endless from the pages of Neil Gaiman’s spectacular Sandman series, appears to take a peek inside the mind of the DCU’s deadliest mastermind, and sheds some light on what death really means in the DC Universe.

In addition to Cornell’s spot-on script, artist Pete Woods brings all his skills to bear on this one, making for a lovely piece of work. Do yourself a favor – reserve a copy.

Action Comics #894 will be available this Wednesday, October 27th.


You Should Watch This: Awesome People Being Awesome

Here is a five-minute montage of awesome people being awesome. Enjoy!

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Barnes & Noble Announces NOOKcolor – A Full Color Touch Reader’s Tablet

Barnes & Noble, Inc. announced the launch of NOOKcolor today. Described as the ultimate reading experience – the first full-color touch Reader’s Tablet that delivers digital books, magazines, newspapers and children’s books in immersive, gorgeous color, and all in one beautiful, thin and highly portable device.

NOOKcolor is now available for $249 for pre-order at and at Barnes & Noble stores tomorrow, and will begin shipping on or about November 19th. Touch the future of reading at a NOOK Boutique or display at your favorite Barnes & Noble bookstore, as well as at Best Buy, Walmart and Books-A-Million starting late November.

The first full-color touch device dedicated to reading everything and built on Android, NOOKcolor opens up a whole new world of digital reading materials of all kinds, in addition to providing access to the largest bookstore with an unprecedented selection of over two million digital titles a single search away. Digital content – from bestsellers to favorite magazines in full color, and interactive children’s picture books and enhanced cookbooks – has never looked better than on NOOKcolor’s stunning 7-inch VividView Color Touchscreen.

This newest addition to the NOOK device family was designed for people who love to read every kind of content imaginable – and features 8GB of space, plus expandable memory, to store it all. NOOKcolor enables quick and easy shopping and book downloads in seconds over Wi-Fi. NOOKcolor includes new NOOKfriends technology which allows you to share with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email.

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The 5th Annual Aimee Mann Christmas Show Tickets Now On Sale

Aimee Mann will be performing her 5th Annual Christmas Show at Largo in Los Angeles on December 10th and 11th 2010. Aimee’s annual holiday tradition will be exclusively at Largo Los Angeles this year.

This years special guests included Michael Penn, Patton Oswalt, Paul F. Tompkins, Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel, Rich Sommer and other surprises!

Call for reservations 310-855-0350.

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Apple Store App Updated With New Features: Reserve Products For Pickup & Check In For Reservations

Apple on Tuesday updated its Apple Store app with a few key features.

Apple Store 1.1  for iPhone and iPod touch allows you to check-in for Genius Bar appointments and reservation pickups. Apple has also expanded its in-store product reservation system beyond the iPhone.

You can now add engraving and gift wrapping to some purchases from Apple’s online store, and store appointments can be added to iCal.

Apple also mentions that its updated app can use iOS’s Location Services features to help “identify nearby Apple Retail Stores and offer additional services when you are in a store”.

Apple Store 1.1 is available now for free in the App Store and requires an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or later. (Thanks for the tip Don)

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