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Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 4GB USB Flash Drive


Trust BB-8 to keep all your inside information for the cause in his handy USB Flash Drive with sculptured casing inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With 4GB of digital storage, it’s sure to help keep the rebellion rolling.



– 4GB USB Flash Drive
– Sculptured casing
– Twist BB-8’s ”head” to extend and retract USB connector
– Inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens

You can purchase the BB-8 4GB USB Flash Drive for $24.95 at the Disney Store.



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Marvel’s Ant-Man Available Digitally On November 17, 2015 & Blu-ray Combo Pack On December 8, 2015


Marvel, the Studio who brought you The Avengers, now brings to life one of the original Avengers — Marvel’s Ant-Man. Bring home the epic heist as Ant-man embraces his inner hero and harnesses the unique ability to shrink in scale to save not only the world, but his daughter. Full of both humor and heart, Marvel’s Ant-man is the perfect gift this holiday on Blu-ray and Digital HD. Get it early on Digital 3D, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere November 17, 2015 on 3D Blu-Ray Combo Pack, Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital SD and On-Demand December 8, 2015!

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Finding Dory Trailer


The first trailer for Disney Pixar‘s long-awaited sequel Finding Dory is now online!

Finding Dory picks up six months after the first movie, with Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) living a quiet life among the clown fishes. After going with Nemo on a class trip to see manta rays migrate back home, her home sickness leads the forgetful Dory on a quest to find where she came from.

“The movie will be mostly set at the California Marine Biology Institute, a huge complex of sea life rehabilitation and aquarium, where Dory was born and raised,” Pixar President Jim Morris stated previously. “We will get to meet new characters, like an octopus, sea lions, a beluga whale, among others.”

Finding Dory features returning favorites Marlin, Nemo and the Tank Gang, among others. Set in part along the California coastline, the story also welcomes a host of new characters, including a few who will prove to be a very important part of Dory’s life, such as her parents voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy.

Findng Nemo helmer Andrew Stanton (John Carter) returns to the directors chair for the animated film, which features the voices of Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill, Kaitlin Olson, Ty Burrell, Eugene Levy and Diane Keaton. Walt Disney Pictures will release the film on June 17, 2016.

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Watch The Alice Through The Looking Glass Trailer


Walt Disney Pictures released the first Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer.

Alice Through the Looking Glass, which serves as a sequel to Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland, revisits Lewis Carroll’s beloved stories with an all-new new tale that travels back to Underland – and back in Time.

1 2 3 4 5

Returning from the original movie are Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Helena Bonhan Carter as the Red Queen and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, and Sacha Baron Cohen plays a new character called Time whose powers allow Alice to visit the Wonderland characters at different times in their lives. Because of this, we’ll be seeing some of the characters’ prequel stories to the classic Lewis Caroll story of the same name.

Directed by James Bobin from a script by Linda Wolverton, Alice Through the Looking Glass opens in theaters on May 27, 2016.

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Disney Movie Posters: From Steamboat Willie To Inside Out


Anyone who has ever seen a Disney movie knows that the iconic images are beautifully conveyed via the magnificent posters. The tone of the movie and the full range of emotions we experience in seeing the film are often captured in a single poster. After having seen and experienced a wonderful Disney motion picture, the mere sight of the poster can bring back the feelings of having taken the journey by watiching the film. Disney Movie Posters is a tribute to those posters, which tell the story both before and after we see the movie.

Disney Movie Posters have been an important part of the motion picture process since Disney began making motion pictures. Not only are they eye-catching pieces of artwork, they are also designed to entice the movie-going audience. From Steamboat Willie, to Frozen and countless movies in between, Disney Movie Posters have been an important part of the films themselves. Disney shorts, animated movies, live action movies and Pixar movies can be remembered and honored by the posters that so efficently capture the magic of the film.

The 150 page hardcover book can be ordered HERE.

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Toy Story That Time Forgot Available On Blu-ray, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere on November 3, 2015


Disney Pixar proudly presents a hilarious new animated “Toy Story” adventure. During one of Bonnie’s post-Christmas play dates, the “Toy Story” crew find themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turn out to be dangerously delusional.  It’s all up to Trixie, the triceratops, if the gang hopes to ever return to Bonnie’s room.  “Toy Story That Time Forgot” is an unforgettable tale packed with family fun and a must-have for every Pixar fan’s collection!

Directed by Steve Purcell the film features the voice talents of Tom Hanks as Woody (“Saving Mr. Banks,” “Captain Phillips”), Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear (“Toy Story,” “The Santa Clause”), Kristen Schaal as Trixie (“Toy Story 3,” “The Muppets”), Kevin McKidd as Reptillus Maximus (“Brave,” TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy”), Wallace Shawn as Rex (“The Princess Bride,” “Air Buddies”), Timothy Dalton as Mr. Pricklepants (“Toy Story 3,” TV’s “Penny Dreadful”), Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head (“Toy Story”) and Joan Cusack as Jessie (“Toy Story,” “The End of the Tour”)

Bonus Features

Blu-ray, Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere

– Reptillus!  – In this behind-the-scenes look at “Toy Story That Time Forgot,” the filmmakers share a peek at the origins of the Battlesaurs world and culture, and explain the character design and development of its greatest hero, Reptillus Maximus.
– Commentary – Commentary with “Toy Story that Time Forgot” director, Steve Purcell, and head of story, Derek Thompson, on the process of making “Toy Story That Time Forgot.”
– Toy Story Goes to Comic-Con – The “Toy Story that Time Forgot” team heads to San Diego to unveil the project to the public, led by their own longtime Comic-Con veterans, director Steve Purcell and head of story Derek Thompson.
– My Unexpected Friend – Feel the power – and sing along – as Reptillus Maximus expresses the depth of his feelings for Trixie in this 80’s-inspired karaoke video for his soulful ballad, “My Unexpected Friend.”
– Battlesaurs Animated Opening – A 2D animated opening for the fictional animated TV series, “Battlesaurs.”
– Deleted Scenes with Intros & Outros – “Toy Story That Time Forgot” director, Steve Purcell, introduces scenes that were developed and storyboarded for the special, but were ultimately cut from the final version:Battlesaurs Christmas, Light of Play, Prisoners of Bone, SOS and Trixie’s Proposal

– Reptillus!
– Commentary

DMA Exclusive

– Deleted Scene: Battleopolis

The Blu-ray, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere will be available on November 3, 2015.

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Walt Disney Animation Studios Introduces The Voice Cast For Zootopia

zootopia poster

Walt Disney Animation Studios revealed the roster of voice talent tapped to help bring a voice, snort and a roar to the animal residents of the modern-day mammal metropolis of “Zootopia,” which opens in theaters March 4, 2016. “We had so much fun casting this film,” said director Byron Howard. “‘Zootopia’ features such a large and diverse range of characters—one of our biggest casts ever for a Disney Animation film. We needed talented actors who could help bring these animals to life.”

Adds director Rich Moore, “Everyone in this incredible cast is bringing something special, something unexpected to their characters, which really takes our story to a whole new level.”



Joining Ginnifer Goodwin, who provides the voice of Zootopia’s first bunny officer Judy Hopps; Jason Bateman, who lends his voice to con-artist fox Nick Wilde; and Shakira, who voices international superstar Gazelle, are the following members of the “Zootopia” voice cast.


Idris Elba (Netflix’s “Beasts of No Nation,” BBC’s “Luther”) provides the voice of Chief Bogo, head of the Zootopia Police Department. A tough cape buffalo with 2,000 lbs of attitude, Bogo is reluctant to add Judy Hopps, Zootopia’s first bunny cop, to his squad of hardened rhinos, elephants and hippos.


J.K. Simmons (“Juno,” Oscar winner for “Whiplash”) lends his voice to Mayor Leodore Lionheart, the noble leader of Zootopia, who coined the city’s mantra that Judy Hopps lives by: “In Zootopia, anyone can be anything.”


Nate Torrence (HBO’s “Hello Ladies,” Fox’s “Weird Loners”) lends his voice to the Zootopia Police Department’s most charming cheetah, Benjamin Clawhauser. Clawhauser loves two things: pop star Gazelle and donuts. From his reception desk, he greets everyone with a warm smile and a helpful paw—covered in sprinkles.


Jenny Slate (“Obvious Child,” “Marcel the Shell”) provides the voice of Assistant Mayor Bellwether, a sweet sheep with a little voice and a lot of wool, who constantly  finds herself under foot of the larger-than-life Mayor Lionheart.


Tommy Chong (“Up in Smoke,” “That ’70s Show”) lends his iconic voice to Yax The Yak, the most enlightened, laid-back bovine in Zootopia. When Judy Hopps is on a case, Yax is full of revealing insights.


Octavia Spencer (“Insurgent,” Oscar winner for “The Help”) voices Mrs. Otterton, a desperate otter who turns to Officer Judy Hopps for help in solving her husband’s mysterious disappearance.


Bonnie Hunt (“Return to Me,” “Jerry Maguire”) provides the voice of Bonnie Hopps, mother of Judy—and her 275 brothers and sisters. Mrs. Hopps loves and supports her daughter, but is a hare nervous about Judy moving to Zootopia to become a big-city police officer.

Don Lake (“Dumb and Dumber To,” “The Bonnie Hunt Show”) voices Judy’s father, Stu Hopps, a carrot farmer from Bunnyburrow. Along with Mrs. Hopps, he is worried about Judy moving to Zootopia and the untrustworthy big-city mammals who live there—especially foxes.


Alan Tudyk (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” “Trumbo”) returns to Disney Animation’s recording studio for his fourth feature in a row as the voice of Duke Weaselton, a small-time weasel crook with a big-time weasel mouth, who tries to give Judy the slip during a police chase.


Tommy “Tiny” Lister (“Friday,” “The Fifth Element”) voices Finnick, a fennec fox with a big chip on his adorable shoulder.


Raymond Persi (“Wreck-It Ralph,” WDAS story artist) voices Flash, the fastest sloth working at the DMV—the Department of Mammal Vehicles.

Katie Lowes (ABC’s “Scandal,” “Big Hero 6”) lends her voice to Dr. Madge Honey Badger, who heads up all of City Hall’s most pressing medical cases.

Jesse Corti (“Frozen,” “Beauty and the Beast”) is the voice of the jaguar Manchas, a highly regarded chauffeur who works for the biggest—and shadiest—limo company in town.

John DiMaggio (Fox’s “Futurama,” Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time”) voices Jerry Jumbeaux Jr., the easily annoyed owner of Jumbeaux’s Café, his elephant ice cream parlor.

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Cyclops Print Works To Release Aladdin, Tomorrowland & Beauty And The Beast Prints On October 16, 2015

Cyclops Print Works is proud to present two brand new limited-edition serigraphs to celebrate the release of Aladdin and Disney’s Tomorrowland on Blu-Ray/DVD.

Mark Englert’s, “You Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Me” is a gorgeous 11-color serigraph; plus, it features metallic inks. Mark continues his series of Disney art prints depicting one of the classic, musical moments of the film.  We see Aladdin looking up at the Genie as he towers above him after coming out of the lamp for the first time. This piece is a wonderful complement to his show stopping serigraph from this year’s D23 Expo, “She Really Is A Funny Girl,” which will be available online for the first time!

For Tomorrowland, Disney Animation’s extremely talented artist, Joe Dunn, created a wonderful interpretation of the Utopian city depicted in the film.  Make sure you keep your eyes peeled, because Joe added all sorts of clever references and easter eggs to the art, and these are sure to please Disney fans. This 10 color serigraph utilizes a split fountain to create the beautiful color blends in the background.  As if that weren’t already enough, Joe will also be hand signing each piece of this limited run.

All three serigraphs will be available today (10/16/2015) at 12 PM PST at:


Cyclops Print Works Print #6: You Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Me
Artist: Mark Englert
Size: 12″x36″
Technique: Serigraph | 11 colors
Edition Size: Limited Edition of 275
Features: Hand-Numbered | Metallic Inks | Authenticity Seal
Paper: Plike Black 330 gsm
Printed by: Eclipse Workshop
Price: $62
Officially Licensed by Disney


Cyclops Print Works Print #11: Tomorrowland
Artist:  Joe Dunn
Size: 20″x30″
Technique: Serigraph | 10 colors
Edition Size: Limited Edition of 164
Features: Hand-Signed & Numbered | Split Fountain | Authenticity Seal
Paper: Stardream Cover Crystal 285 gsm
Printed by: Eclipse Workshop
Price: $55
Officially Licensed by Disney

Cyclops Print Works Print #8: She Really Is A Funny Girl
Artist: Mark Englert
Size: 12″x36″
Technique: Serigraph | 10 colors
Edition Size: Limited Edition of 275
Features: Hand-Numbered | Varnish Finish | Authenticity Seal
Paper: Coventry Rag Vellum 320 gsm
Printed by: Eclipse Workshop
Price: $62
Officially Licensed by Disney

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Watch The First Clip To The Pixar Short Sanjay’s Super Team


Here is the first clip from the Disney Pixar short film Sanjay’s Super Team

Directed by Sanjay Patel, the heartfelt animated short will open in theaters on November 25, 2015, in front of The Good Dinosaur.


2DB479F5-8E43-47EF-8172-F2C264DB74E8 96EDDAEE-371B-4CC7-A79A-9164EE2866E7-1

Sanjay’s Super Team is inspired by Patel’s own childhood, as he was often embarrassed by his father’s devotion to the Hindu religion. The short centers on young superhero fan Sanjay, who is trying — and failing — to watch his favorite Saturday morning cartoon, as he’s constantly interrupted and annoyed by his father’s morning prayer.

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Disney Announces Movie Slate & Release Dates Through 2020


On Wednesday, October 7, The Walt Disney Studios crossed the $4 billion mark at the global box office in record studio time, surpassing its previous fastest set November 14, 2014 by nearly six weeks. With $1.433 billion domestically and $2.575 billion internationally as of October 7, 2015, this is the third consecutive year Disney has reached this threshold. It comes as Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out crosses the $800 million mark upon its debut in China this week.

“2015 has been a record-setting year both domestically and internationally thanks to a strong slate of films from all of our brands,” said Dave Hollis, Executive Vice President, Theatrical Distribution, The Walt Disney Studios. “With an incredible pipeline of both original stories and anticipated sequels featuring our most beloved characters, we are set to deliver some fantastic movies well into the future.”

Further solidifying its branded tentpole strategy, The Walt Disney Studios has set the following domestic release dates:

– CARS 3 now dated on 6/16/17 wide
– COCO is final title of previous “11/22/17 Untitled Pixar Animation”
– 12/22/17 UNTITLED DISNEY FAIRY TALE (Live Action) now dated on 12/22/17 wide
– BLACK PANTHER moves to 2/16/18 wide (from 7/6/18 wide)
– GIGANTIC is final title of previous “3/9/18 Disney Animation”
– TOY STORY 4 moves to 6/15/18 wide (from 6/16/17 wide)
– ANT-MAN AND THE WASP now dated on 7/6/18 wide
– UNTITLED DISNEY FAIRY TALE (Live Action) now dated on 11/2/18 wide
– CAPTAIN MARVEL moves to 3/8/19 wide (from 11/2/18 wide)
– UNTITLED DISNEY FAIRY TALE (Live Action) now dated on 3/29/19 wide
– UNTITLED DISNEYTOON STUDIOS now dated on 4/12/19 wide
– THE INCREDIBLES 2 now dated on 6/21/19 wide
– UNTITLED DISNEY FAIRY TALE (Live Action) now dated on 11/8/19 wide
– UNTITLED PIXAR ANIMATION now dated on 3/13/20 wide
– UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 5/1/20 wide
– UNTITLED PIXAR ANIMATION now dated on 6/19/20 wide
– UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 7/10/20 wide
– UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 11/6/20 wide
– UNTITLED DISNEY ANIMATION now dated on Wed 11/25/20 wide

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