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Star Wars AT-AT Mini Bookends Statue


If your shelves suffer from disorganization, look no further than the Star Wars AT-AT Mini Bookends Statue to remedy the situation!

These epic bookend statues feature the AT-AT walker, or All Terrain Armored Transport, as a set of 5-inch statues trudging through Hoth. These mechanical monstrosities are depicted as they traverse the snowy terrain. The iconic AT-ATs of the Star Wars universe are now welcomed into your home.

Digitally sculpted by the master artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd., these book ends can now keep your Blu-Ray, movie, video game, and book collections from falling down! Each limited edition hand-painted bookend is crafted using only the highest quality polystone and comes individually numbered with a matching certificate of authenticity.

These imposing vehicles are currently available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth ($225) and are scheduled to arrive in December 2015. May the Force be with you.


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DC Collectibles Carmine Infantino Batman & Robin Black And White Statues

DC Collectibles continues their popular line of Batman Black and White Statues with new versions of Batman and Robin. The new statues are based on Carmine Infantino‘s art. MTV revealed the new collectibles. They are sculpted by Tim Bruckner. They will be priced at $80 each, will be limited to 5,200 pieces each 1and will be cast in resin. They’re not due for release until June 2016.

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DC Collectibles Brings Frank Miller’s Dark Knight To Life in 2016

Next year, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns celebrates its 30th Anniversary. Yes, it’s been three decades since we first met Carrie Kelley and Commissioner Yindel and watched Batman grapple in the grime with the Mutant Leader. With a new Dark Knight miniseries about to hit the stands, DC is not letting this milestone pass unobserved.

DC Collectibles will be releasing two impressive new collectibles drawn from the world of Frank Miller’s iconic story in 2016, starting with a new Batman bust based on Miller’s art. The wrinkled cowl, the scowl and stubble… it’s all there! Sculpted by Alterton, the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Bust will be available February, 2016.

Strong and imposing, with fists that look like they could punch through a brick wall, Andy Kubert’s interpretation of Miller’s Dark Knight is about to explode onto comic pages in Dark Knight III: The Master Race. In June 2016, DC Collectibles will bring this impressive figure to life with their DC Comics Designer Series: Batman by Andy Kubert 12-inch statue. Again, sculpted by Alterton, this limited edition statue is the perfect centerpiece to anyone’s Batman collection.


Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Bust
Based on the Art of Frank Miller
Sculpted by Alterton
Limited Edition of 3,000
In Stores February, 2016

DC Comics Designer Series: Batman by Andy Kubert
Based on the Art of Andy Kubert
Sculpted by Alterton
Limited Edition of 5,200
In Stores June, 2016


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Batman The Animated Series Batman Resin Bust


Based on the iconic and revolutionary Batman: The Animated Series, this Diamond Select 6 inch resin bust depicts The Dark Knight in a cool stance. With his arms crossed atop an art deco based inspired by the show’s distinctive style, this bust will make a great addition to your Batman animated collection.

Sculpted by the Steve Varner Studios and packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Limited to 3,000 pieces. Order HERE for $59.95.


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Stan Lee 1/6 Scale Figure Preview by Hot Toys

Check out the first preview for a Stan Lee 1/6 Scale Figure coming from Hot Toys. They have posted a preview showing off the new head sculpt for the upcoming figure.

Here is what Hot Toys posted….

Hey True Believers, we got a backstage sneak peek to share with you all today of a very exciting project we have been working on!

Fans of Stan “The Man” Lee get ready for the debut of the highly detailed official 1/6th scale collectible figure of this legend very soon! Excelsior!


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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Statue


Fearing the actions of a god-like Superhero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before.

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Armored Batman statue is sculpted by James Marsano, measures 12.5” tall and will cost $150. Look for it to hit comic book stores in March 2016.

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DC Unveils Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Statues

DC has unveiled a new line of super statues based on the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The statues, which will be on display at San Diego Comic Con and available for purchase in January for $150, feature Superman and two variations of Batman. One of the Batman statues features the standard Batman cape and cowl to be seen in Batman v. Superman and the other features the mech suit Mr. Wayne will use to fight Superman.

Each stands on the meshed Batman/Superman logo being used to promote Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which hits theaters March 25, 2015.


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Check Out MONDO’s Godzilla Statue


Based on Mondo’s teaser poster for Gareth Edward’s Godzilla, MONDO has taken the stunning Phantom City Creative art and brought it into the third dimension. The Godzilla statue captures the destructive and ominous King of the Monsters in painstaking sculpted detail. Red paint details on both the base and underside of the beast harken back to the background color of the original poster art, while also hinting at an immolating city below.

The Godzilla sculpture will be display at MONDO’s booth (#835) during San Diego Comic Con International 2015. Please note that the statue is a prototype and that some elements may change in the final product.


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Mezco To Offer The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Boxed Set At San Diego Comic Con


Mezco will offer a limited amount of their upcoming The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Boxed Set ($150) at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con!

The set features both a battle-damaged exclusive Batman and an exclusive deco variant Mutant Leader, along with a polystone display base of the Gotham City Junk Yard so that you can re-create their epic first encounter from the legendary graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns.

The Batman figure also comes with alternative hands, and a “Knock-Out Foam” accessory designed to fit over the enemy’s face. The Mutant Leader will come with alternate hands, and a crowbar accessory. The display case comes with a specially die-cut slip cover.

Each figure features over 30 points of articulation, and will be available in an extremely limited supply at the Mezco Booth #3445 during the convention.

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Introducing The First Hellboy Statue, Now Available For Pre-Order From MONDO

In 1991, comic artist & writer Mike Mignola did a Black & White illustration at a comic convention of a demon character that bore the name “Hellboy” on his belt. This was the genesis of the filed-horned fighter of the supernatural known and loved today.

MONDO is so excited to bring the original concept to life with a 12″ statue showcasing all the strange and fun details of the original drawing.

The figure is available in two versions: a limited, B&W illustration-like paint scheme (exclusive to the Mondo site), and a red paint-scheme designed by original Hellboy colorist Dave Stewart.


The First Hellboy Statue (Red Version). Based on the original illustration by Mike Mignola. Red paint-scheme designed by original Hellboy colorist Dave Stewart. Polystone Approx. 12″ Statue. $200


The First Hellboy Statue (B&W Exclusive Version). Based on the original illustration by Mike Mignola. Polystone Approx. 12″ Statue. Exclusive to the Mondo site. Limited to 200. $225

The First Hellboy Statue is available for Pre-Order now! Expected to ship the 4th Quarter of 2015.

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