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Mattel Announces A 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive – A Six-Inch Batusi Batman Figure

Holy Merchandise, Batman!

Warner Bros. Consumer Products officially launched the highly anticipated Batman Classic Television Series licensing program, inspired by the classic DC Comics 1960’s Batman television show, last week at an exclusive event co-hosted with Junk Food Clothing at the famed comic store mecca Meltdown Comics in Hollywood.

Mattel showcased a 2013 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive – a six-inch Batusi Batman figure from the Batman Classic TV Series line.

The artwork for the window-box packaging which is shaped like a vintage television was done by the popular graphic artist SHAG.

Photographer David ChickeringStylist Alphonze Neir

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DC To Launch Digital-First Batman Comic Based On Classic 1966 TV Show


DC Comics will expand its digital-first comics line this summer with the debut of Batman ’66, a series based on the classic television series.

The announcement came last night in Hollywood, where Warner Bros. Consumer Products launched its Batman Classic Television Series licensing program during an event co-hosted by Junk Food Clothing and Meltdown Comics.

Inspired by the television series, which aired from 1966 to 1968 on ABC, Batman ’66 is written by Jeff Parker and illustrated by Jonathan Case. Like the DC’s other digital-first comics, Batman ’66 will be collected monthly in print.

“The juxtaposition of offering a retro Batman ’66 comic as a current and modern digital first title is fun,” DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson said in a statement. “DC Entertainment is the most prolific producer of digital first comics and, as we work to create new and compelling content, this is a great way to also preserve the legacy of our characters. It’s exciting to roll out the new Batman ’66 comic as part of this bigger initiative with our Warner Bros Consumer Product partners.”








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Tina Fey Played Sarah Palin Again On “Inside The Actor’s Studio”


All it took was James Lipton asking, “Would you allow me to interview Sarah Palin, please?”

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MONDO To Release 2 Game of Thrones Posters By Phantom City Creative & Vania Zouravliov On Thursday, March 21st

Tomorrow, MONDO will release the fifth and sixth posters in their Game of Thrones series leading up to the premiere of Season 3 on March 31st. They will have two fantastic new posters from Phantom City Creative and Vania Zouravliov.

Please follow MONDO on Twitter for the on sale announcement. These posters will be available online at a random time on Thursday, March 21st.


Game of Thrones regular poster by Phantom City Creative. 18″x24″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 340. $45


Game of Thrones variant poster by Phantom City Creative. 18″x24″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 165. $70


Game of Thrones regular A poster by Vania Zouravliov. 24″x36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 200. $45


Game of Thrones regular B poster by Vania Zouravliov. 24″x36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 200. $45

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ABC Has Live-Streaming Mobile App In The Works

The New York Times is reporting that ABC is working on an app to stream live ABC programming to the iPhones and iPads of cable and satellite TV subscribers.

ABC, which is a subsidiary of Disney, would become the first American broadcaster to provide a live Internet stream of both national and local programming.

By providing the stream only to those who already pay for cable or satellite TV, the Times notes that ABC “preserves the cable business model that is crucial to the bottom lines of broadcasters, while giving subscribers more of what they seem to want — mobile access to TV shows.”


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ABC Family Presents A Two-Day “Batman” Marathon

ABC Family presents a two-day “Batman” marathon. The marathon starts with “Batman Forever” on Saturday, April 6 (1 p.m.), and will conclude with the ABC Family premiere of “Batman Begins” on Sunday, April 7 (8 p.m.).

The “Batman” marathon schedule is as follows:

Saturday, April 6:

1 p.m., “Batman Forever,” starring Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman and Chris O’Donnell. Batman and Robin go up against Two-Face and The Riddler. Meanwhile, Bruce flirts with a beautiful psychiatrist who is trying to track down the Caped Crusader.

3:30 p.m., “Batman & Robin” starring George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman and Alicia Silverstone. Batman and Robin battle Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy for control of Gotham City. Batman gets unexpected “help” in the form of Batgirl, a young woman eager to join the Dynamic Duo in their crime fighting.

6 p.m., “Batman”starring Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Kim Basinger. The Dark Knight faces his worst enemy: the psychotic Joker. His only ally is earnest reporter, Vicki Vale.

9 p.m., “Batman Returns” starring Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Walken. A corrupt businessman teams up with The Penguin to wrestle control of Gotham City away from Batman. Just when Batman thinks it can’t get much worse, he meets his match with Catwoman, a cat burglar with a hidden agenda.

Sunday, April 7:

9 a.m., “Batman Forever”

11:30 a.m., “Batman & Robin”

2 p.m., “Batman”

5 p.m., “Batman Returns”

8 p.m., “Batman Begins” ABC Family Premiere starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman and Cillian Murphy. Bruce Wayne begins his training to turn himself into Batman, an avenging hero who vows to save his beloved Gotham City from the Scarecrow and the League of Shadows.


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Full New Trailer For Game of Thrones Season 3


HBO has brought online the second full trailer for the third season of “Game of Thrones,” premiering on March 31 at 9 p.m.

Summers span decades. Winters can last a lifetime. And the struggle for the Iron Throne has begun. It will stretch from the south, where heat breeds plots, lust and intrigues; to the vast and savage eastern lands; all the way to the frozen north, where an 800-foot wall of ice protects the kingdom from the dark forces that lie beyond. Kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars, lords and honest men…all will play the ‘Game of Thrones.’

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History of Rap 4 Starring Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon team up again to perform a medley of hip hop’s greatest hits.

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The Return of David Brent


David Brent (Ricky Gervais) returns 10 years on. Find out what he has been up to, and what he’s doing now!

Fans of The UK Office will be excited to know we finally get to hear ‘The Serpent Who Guards the Gates of Hell’ and an amazing Brent self-funded video, ‘Equality Street.’

The episode aired on BBC One on March 15 as part of a night of TV for Comic Relief. The Office originally ran for two seasons beginning in 2001 and made a star of Gervais.

Below is Brent and Johnson’s official music video for Equality Street!

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Teen Titans Returning to Cartoon Network

The half-hour animated series, Teen Titans Go! will premiere on Tuesday, April 23, at 7:30pm (ET/PT) and will be rebroadcast during the DC Nation block on Saturday mornings at 10:30am (ET/PT) beginning April 27.

The character-driven comedy series focuses on the funny that happens in between saving the world and living together as teenagers without adult supervision. The comedic mayhem of the animated series is punctuated by pranks and the occasional need to fight crime, but it will also deal with the everyday issues of adolescence. With epic staring contests to decide who does the laundry, a series of quests and battles to construct the perfect sandwich or fighting crime in Jump City, one thing is for sure, these Titans will always be ready for an adventure inside the house and out.

The principal voice cast from the original Teen Titans series, based on DC Comics characters, will reprise their roles in Teen Titans Go!, with Scott Menville as the voice of Robin, the slightly power-mad perfectionist and leader of the Teen Titans. Hynden Walch voices Starfire, an alien struggling to fit in; Tara Strong voices Raven, the sardonic, deadpan demon girl; Greg Cipes returns as the slightly dim but always lovable loafer, Beast Boy; and Khary Payton provides the voice of Cyborg, a laid-back kid who is half teen, half robot.

Teen Titans Go! joins a strong Tuesday night block of programming on Cartoon Network which also includes Johnny Test (7:00pm ET/PT) and The Looney Tunes Show (8:00pm ET/PT). Teen Titans Go! can be seen again on Saturday mornings during the DC Nation block alongside Beware The Batman, which will premiere this summer. Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice Invasion will end their run on March 16.


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