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Hero Complex Gallery Announces Cut It Out – The Silhouette Art of Jordan Monsell To Offer New Art On Saturday March 28, 2015

Cut It Out: The Silhouette Art of Jordan Monsell was a HUGE success with a tremendous turnout and almost every piece selling within the first few days. In order to satisfy the demand for more pop culture based cut-out art, Hero Complex Gallery and Jordan Monsell have announced that there will be over 80 new silhouettes available on Saturday March 28, 2015.

Doors to the gallery will open at 1 PM and you will have 15 minutes to view the new pieces before ordering. The art will be available on a first come first serve basis with 1 silhouette available per person and then at 2 PM people can loop the line again if there are any pieces left.

I recommend that interested buyers arrive at Hero Complex early because IT’S BEEN RUMORED there will be art represented by the following popular film and television franchises: Star Trek, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 90’s cartoons, Bruce Lee, John Carpenter, Anime, Hayao Miyazaki, Quentin Tarantino, Jurassic Park, Back To The Future, Blade Runner and more!

Hero Complex Gallery will distribute sold artwork at 2 PM so you can take it home the same day.

To whet your appetite for tomorrow here is an exclusive reveal of one of the silhouettes available at the show, from The Hunger Games…Katniss Everdeen!


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Cut It Out The Silhouette Art of Jordan Monsell To Open At Hero Complex Gallery On March 20, 2015


Please join Hero Complex Gallery in welcoming artist, Jordan Monsell, in his silhouette solo debut, where we will be displaying several hundred of his renditions of today’s favorite pop culture characters!


There will be a little bit of everything in this show, from singles to sets, and characters from comics, sci-fi, animation, video games, horror, cult films and much much more.

The opening reception is on March 20, 2015 from 7-10pm, and the show runs just two weekends.

There will be an astonishing 300+ silhouettes available! Even better, you can take the art home that night!

To kick things off HCG is offering a great contest!

Tell Hero Complex Gallery the silhouette you most want to see at the show. You can comment on facebook, tweet Hero Complex, or tag Hero Complex on Instagram, but you must include a picture of your idea as well as the hashtag #HCGJordanMonsellContest in order to be considered. There is no limit to how many times you can enter. The more ideas you have, the more chances you have to win! Jordan will choose his three favorite ideas and the winners will be revealed on opening night with their name prominently displayed along with the silhouette they get to take home for free! The only way to claim your prize is to be there in person or send someone on your behalf!

The contest runs until midnight PST on Wednesday March 18, 2015. If Jordan chooses an idea submitted by more than one person, HCG will randomly select a winner from a list of the people who suggested it.

Also every person who buys a silhouette on opening night, Friday March 20th, or online Saturday March 21st will be automatically entered into a drawing for a free silhouette of their choosing! 4 winners will be randomly selected by HCG and contacted before close of the show with details on how to claim their prize.

Finally, here is an exclusive reveal of one of the pieces from the show…your favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett!









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Postcard Correspondence Art Show To Open At Gallery 1988 On March 20, 2015


Gallery 1988 announces Postcard Correspondence Art Show featuring 100 artists sharing their favorite pop culture adventures.

This exhibit sees some of the gallery’s top artists creating actual original postcards, inspired by some of pop culture’s most memorable journeys and locations. Each image is limited edition and affordable. You get to make the decision if you want to mail them or frame them.

Join Gallery 1988 on Friday March 20, 2015 from 7-10 PM, at G1988 (West) and stay tuned to thier TwitterInstagram and Facebook for more updates and sneak peeks.

This show will run through April 4th.

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Batman & Robin by Francis Portela

Check out this incredible black and white rendering of the Dark Knight and his trusty sidekick Robin by Francis Portela.

A current teacher at the Joso School for Comic-Book Artists, and also a former student, Francis started working in American comic-books both as a penciler (two issues of GI Joe: Frontline for Image / Devil’s Due) and an inker, in books like Batman: Gotham Knights (with Al Barrionuevo) for DC Comics, and The Resistance (with Juan Santacruz) for Wildstorm.

Later, he started penciling for Marvel, company he’s still working with these days, in titles like Araña: The heart of the Spider; Captain Universe: X-23; Heroes for Hire; a lengthy stint as artist in Black Panther, and also three issues of Wolverine: First Class.

The miniseries Supervillain Team-Up: MODOK’s 11 was his first collaboration with writer Fred Van Lente, and they worked together again in short stories like the Vulture one they did for Web of Spider-Man #5, and the Halo: Blood Line miniseries.

Currently, Francis is drawing the New-52 Legion of Superheroes book for DC Comics.


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Batman ’89 Print By Casey Callender

Wow, I was blown away by this incredible depiction of The Dark Knight from Tim Burton’s groundbreaking film and had to share it with my readers!

Casey Callender will sell this ’89 Batman print at WonderCon in Anaheim, CA next month.

The 18 x 24 print will be a WonderCon edition only and will come in an edition of 300 priced at $35 per print. The 24 x 36 prints, which do vary ever so slightly in design, will drop online and will come in an edition of 250 priced at $57 per print. Both editions come with or without credit blocks, your choice.

Here is what Casey had to say about the print:

“One of the other powerful visual elements of the ’89 Batman that stuck out for me were when Keaton would throw down smoke deterrents and disappear into the shadows….always stuck with me, so that was the basis for the print..that and well, …bats”

Follow Casey Callender on Twitter HERE.


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Scott C. Ghostbustland AP Prints To Go On Sale March 19, 2015


Scott C. will sell Ghostbustland AP prints on Thursday March 19, 2015.

It is an edition of 30 and they will cost $100 each. Please note one print per person/household/address. The prints will go on sale at 3pm EST in The Scott C Shop!


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MONDO Announces Eyes Without A Face Gallery Show Featuring The Art of Jason Edmiston Opening On March 13, 2015


MONDO presents “Eyes Without A Face,” the next gallery show, featuring artist Jason Edmiston and an eye-opening collection of original art based on 1:1 representations of some of pop culture’s most iconic peepers. The show will kick off with an opening night reception, open to the public, on March 13, 2015 from 7-10 PM and will run during regular hours until April 4, 2015. MONDO Gallery is located at 4115 Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX.

“Eyes Without A Face” will feature approximately 150 portraits of eyes culled together from film, music, comics, video games, toys and more. Each piece will be presented at a 1:1 ratio – from tiny plastic toy people, humanoid actors, to giant beasts and more. The concept allowed Edmiston to curate a wide spectrum of characters for the gallery in a way that made thematic sense. Part of the fun will be trying to figure out all 150 characters at the show.

Discussing the genesis of the show’s concept Edmiston said, “I had the idea for the show when I was working on my last solo exhibition for Mondo Gallery. I was driving around town with my wife bouncing concepts off of her. I checked my rear view and had the idea. The shape of the mirror made me think of just using a tight cropping of eyes for the basis of a show. I also kind of wanted to see what it would feel like to be in a gallery surrounded by eyes staring at you. It should be quite an experience to stand in the center of the gallery and slowly rotate 360 degrees, creating a feeling of being watched by your heroes.”

Edmiston has become well known and highly sought after for his eye-popping and colorful acrylic paintings of pop culture figures. His most jaw-dropping pieces, like The Hand of Ming, have always been incredibly expressive and successful in drawing out the emotion of the character. “Eyes Without A Face” is allowing Edmiston to hone in the eyes, the most expressive part of any body – real or imagined.

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Phantom City Creative To Sell MONDO Dark Knight AP Prints On March 13, 2015

Tomorrow, March 13, 2015 Phantom City Creative will release their MONDO The Dark Knight print at 1 PM EDT.

The Dark Knight measures 18″ x 24″ and will be signed and numbered in an AP limited edition of 40 (separate of Mondo’s sold out edition). The screen print will cost $65.

Get it here: http://phantomcitycreative.bigcartel.com/


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Joshua Budich Announces Public-Private Commission/Presell For Stan “The Man” Lee Print.

Joshua Budich is offering a Public-Private Commission/Presell for his Stan “The Man” Lee print.

Here is what the artist had to say about the poster:

“In my home, Stan “The Man” Lee has reached mythical status. Through his tireless and exuberant promotion, I can share my childhood love of comics with my son, and most importantly, not feel the least bit ashamed of doing so. My boy screams with delight with each of the famous Stan-Cameos, and relishes playing him as “Stan-Hulk”. This piece is my very humble homage to a most deserving, and utterly legendary man.”

The print drop will be a “Public Private Commission”, opening this Friday, March 13, 2015 and closing Sunday, March 15, 2015. Minimum print-run of 50, and a maximum of 100.

True Believers!, can gratuitously grab a coveted copy of your very own at, joshuabudich.bigcartel.com.


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