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Want A Free iPhone 5? Try Best Buy’s Limited Trade-In Program On Saturday June 1st

Tomorrow, Saturday June 1st, Best Buy is offering a $150 trade-in credit for any functional iPhone 4 or 4S.

Couple that with the retailer’s recent $50 price cut for the iPhone 5 and you can walk away with a brand new iPhone 5 for free, except for any sales taxes and any applicable carrier activation fees.

There are a few stipulations: you must be eligible for a phone upgrade and sign a two-year contract for the phone to get the offer. However you’re able to select the carrier of your choice.

This deal will not be available online, only is stores!


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Apple Releases iOS 6.1.4 For iPhone 5

Apple has released iOS 6.1.4, an iPhone 5-only update. The software update lists an updated speakerphone audio profile as its only revision. Apple is currently working on iOS 7 which is expected to be previewed in June and should hit devices in the fall.


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The iHome iPL10 Clock Radio For The iPhone 5

Whether you have the latest iPhone 5 or less recent iOS devices, iHome has got you covered. Charge and play via flexible Lightning dock or USB port (with your own cable).

The iPL10 ($80) is a great looking, space-saving speaker system for listening to all your music. Wake or sleep to your favorite iPhone or iPod tunes or FM radio stations through high fidelity drivers in a specially designed Reson8 speaker chamber with EXB expanded bass circuitry. Auto sync feature instantly sets clock to iPhone or iPod time.



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