LOST: Was That the Psychic?

On last night’s LOST finale, after Locke left the Orchid and met up with Richard Alpert and the Others, did you happen to notice this guy? He looks a lot like Richard Malkin, the psychic Claire visited in season one — the guy who told her she had to raise Aaron herself and then gave her a ticket for Flight 815.  That would be an interesting, plot twist!


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One thought on “LOST: Was That the Psychic?

  1. chiara says:

    oh my gosh!!
    i thought that it was bryan – shannons ex boyfrind, who boone paid to leave.
    but this is amazing!! it is him for sure!!
    oh gosh!! i am sure it is him!!!
    have a look at bryan, but he looks like a mix between both of them!!

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