Marvel Comics Announce Stephen King’s “The Stand” Comic Book Series

Acclaimed writer, Stephen King brings yet another blockbuster property to Marvel Comics.

Just as the second mini-series of Stephen King’s Dark Tower franchise is hitting very high atop sales charts, Marvel has announced that King’s massive project The Stand will also make the leap to the comic book industry.Stephen King will have his hand in this adaptation as well. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa will be helming the script of the comic books with Mike Perkins handling the art duties. Marvel’s Arune Singh mentioned that The Stand was currently slated to launch alongside another Dark Tower mini-series.  The plan is to release the comic as six five-issue story arcs, or thirty issues in total. The first issue is scheduled for release in September 2008.
Below is the initial art released by Marvel.   The official announcement can be found here.  







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3 thoughts on “Marvel Comics Announce Stephen King’s “The Stand” Comic Book Series

  1. Mike says:

    The Dark Tower series and the Stand are my favorite Stephen King books. It’s great to see them rejuvenated in comic book form.

  2. ruzkin says:

    Top stuff. Great rendition of The Walkin’ Dude.

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