Cruel Pizza Advertisement

Papa John’s Pizza has finally realized that mailing millions of pizza coupon leaflets to the American public is not the most effective marketing strategy. With the creative expertise of Quorum/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Papa John’s has taken an innovative approach to directing marketing with its deceiving faux delivery boy & pizza appearing at your doorstep. The optical illusion actually works by affixing a sticker right below the door’s peephole with the image. Already the winner of the Gold Lion for the best use of alternative media in direct marketing at the Cannes Advertising Festival, this marketing strategy is sure to stick with consumers.



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24 thoughts on “Cruel Pizza Advertisement

  1. Thomas Palmer says:

    Linked to from

    Anyways, I agree it’s clever, but I do not like that. First of all I never look out the peep hole unless someone is knocking on the door or ringing the door bell, thus I wouldn’t see it through the peep hole for weeks (I would take it off before then). Secondly, if someone were at the door and I couldn’t see who it is because that thing is in the way, I wouldn’t open the door.

  2. =tyler= says:

    haha such a great idea!

  3. Dougal says:

    Did they steal that idea from the movie The Fifth Element? Where a robber uses a photo of an empty hallway to trick Bruce Willis into opening his door?


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  5. Shane says:

    That is very clever!

  6. chunque says:

    And the pizza sticks to your ribs!

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  8. markharrison says:

    Just waiting for the story:

    Papa John’s sued for covering up security devices.

    Aaron Aardvark, 72, has just sued Papa John’s Pizza for covering up his security peephole. Aaron was hospitalised by two thugs last week, after they rang his doorbell – when he checked to see who it was, he thought it was someone who’d got the wrong address for pizza… because PJ’s had covered his viewer with a little picture.

    Aaron is still in hospital, but his lawyer, Phil “PheeShare” Phillips, or Sue, Grabbit and Run, explained that he was using the famous Pizza chain for $3.5 million.

  9. coffeegopher says:

    What a great idea – kind of creepy – but still great!

  10. redsoxmaniac says:

    I could comment through the roof about this post, but I’ll let this sentence of onomonpeia do:


  11. Hooch says:

    Thomas: I’m sure they would attach the ad, THEN ring the bell and walk off.

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  16. maleesha says:

    that’s horrible. just wait until some pizza-deprived whackjob marches down to Papa John’s and goes all Commando on them. Then they’ll learn the error of their ways…

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  19. StevanPierce says:

    While I can appreciate the unique advertising, I can see where this would be very instrusive when it came to safety and security.

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  21. It’s bad enough we have to pick up rock-filled plastic bags from every wanna-be lawn crew and tree-trimming part-timer, now we’ll have to use Goo-Gone and spend precious minutes of our life removing this gunky thing from our door?

    Hey, I love PJ’s more than the others but if they ever put this cursed thing on my front door, I will personally walk down to the closest branch – at 3:00am – and cover every glass window with thousands of Magic Pony stickers from Walmart. I’ll bring the whole family!

    After all, what good is revenge if you don’t escalate?

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