Limited Edition Beatles iPod Coming to Bloomingdales?

Though the Beatles‘ music remains unavailable on iTunes, Bloomingdales may play host to the first official meeting of the Fab Four and Steve Jobs’ device. The department store has acquired the rights to Beatles images from Apple Records and will produce a series of T-shirts, jackets and accessories that bear images from posters and album artwork. But the big news is that they will also produce a limited-edition Beatles iPod stocked with every song in the band’s catalog. Only 100 will be made available, so consider it the ultimate rock & roll fetish item when the line launches this holiday season.  This could be a sign that we are getting closer to the Beatles finally releasing their catalog on iTunes.

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One thought on “Limited Edition Beatles iPod Coming to Bloomingdales?

  1. I died inside when I saw the price. I nearly cried… but it matters not, because i already have all their songs on my ipod. It still kills me to know I can’t have one…

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