Ray Guns from Hand Blown Glass

Jeff Burnette from Joe Blow Glassworks in Vancouver, Canada likes to create hand blown colored glass ray gun concepts. These are blown and manipulated hot glass objects. A transparent color is picked up on the pipe, and then clear glass is gathered on top. The piece is then blown out and shaped to the desired form. Colored bits are added. Once the bits are in place, the handle and trigger are applied to the piece, the Raygun is then knocked off the blowpipe into the annealer to cool over a fifteen-hour cycle.Once cooled, the piece is ground and sent out for silvering or completed. The Raygun is a bubble with a transparent color on the inside. The silvering is a solution of silver nitrate, ammonia, and distilled water that is mixed and poured into the open end of the gun. The silver sticks to the inside of the piece just like a mirror. The final step is chemically bonding a machined stainless steel end to the piece.  

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2 thoughts on “Ray Guns from Hand Blown Glass

  1. Hi there – thanks for the posting! I am currently working on bigger guns with moveable metal parts and interior components. Drop by my updated website in January or call me at the studio and come by for a look! 604-215-2569 Thanks. Jeff

  2. Hey, Jeff,

    If you are not rich, yet, you soon could be! This morning, I saw, for the first time, pictures on the internet, of your beautiful and superbly designed “Glass Ray Guns”. WOW! I think that you may have the answer to a couple of global-wide consumer problems. Thousands of injuries and tens-of-thousands of fires occur each yeat from the unshielded burning of pyrotehnic sparklers. A reinforced “Glass Ray Gun” could provide a colorful hand-held shield for a burning sparkler or an enclosed “pyrophoric” spark generator (flint and steel or ferrocerium and abrasive spark generators, etc.). What are your thoughts?

    Regards, Pete Stang

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