iPhone 3G Supply Snapshot: 61% of Apple Stores Sold Out

A week after its launch, the iPhone 3G remains a hard-to-find item in the U.S., with nearly all of AT&T’s company-owned stores sold out. According to checks made earlier this morning by iLounge, Apple’s online iPhone 3G availability page shows approximately 61% of the company’s 187 retail stores sold out of iPhone 3G. 57 stores (30%) show availability of at least one iPhone 3G model, while only 15 stores (8%) report stock of all three models. Out of the 57 stores with at least one model in stock, 22 were located in New York and California, with 7 out of the 15 stores showing availability of all three models coming from those two states. This gives NY and CA a disproportionately high percentage (40%) of stores with stock remaining. While Apple is understood to be making shipments to its stores on an almost daily basis, it remains to be seen when iPhone 3G availability will again be widespread.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone 3G Supply Snapshot: 61% of Apple Stores Sold Out

  1. iPhone might be a wonderful phone, but it only shows to the world how insane people are and, in fact, it looks like there is no crisis now.
    First, because I can’t understand how people wait days and days on the front door of Apple’s stores just to buy…. a Phone (it looks like their life depends on it); and second because at least in Europe it costs a lot of money (beetween 400-600€), but despite that, people go for it like they’d do if they don’t eat anything for a week and then they see a piece of bread.

    God in even, We on earth. 😛

  2. Hello … I believe the 3G had faced a great launch in the U.S… What remains very speculative though is the price for which it would be sold in countries like India..

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