An X-Men Milestone Arrives This Week

Big changes are in the wind for everyone’s favorite mutants as Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men celebrates its 500th issue on Wednesday, 45 years after they were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

With three blockbuster films under their “X” belts and a new Wolverine movie on the way in 2009, Marvel is marking the anniversary with several gatefold covers and a surprise cross-country move. The outcast heroes will leave their ritzy mansion in Westchester, N.Y., for the more liberated environs of San Francisco. “People of all ages to this day can relate to outsiders like the X-Men,” says Marvel president Dan Buckley.

Plus, in a rare TV-comic book tie-in, if you look closely on Page 10 you’ll see the face of a winner of NBC’s Deal or No Deal. Josh Akuna of Sterling Heights, Mich., took a deal for $189,000 on April 18, which included the chance to be drawn into the X-Men comic. (Reprinted from USA Today)


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