Coming Soon to Your Home: WHDI

Imagine not having to deal with the frustration of wiring components and simply send video images wirelessly. A new wireless HD video standard guarantees that major brands including Sony, Sharp, Hitachi, Samsung and Motorola will have interoperable wireless video streaming. The will allow consumer electronics companies to standardize their wireless HD spec and embed it in TVs, projectors and HD video sources. The result is a network of HD components, streaming uncompressed 1080p video not just through one room like competing UWB standards, but to and from any source to any TV in your entire home, with a range comparable to Wi-Fi.

Components will be paired through menu systems using a pass-key, like Bluetooth. A likely scenario would be streaming from a WHDI (Wireless High Definition Interface) cable box or Blu-ray player downstairs to 3 TVs throughout your house while still having room for HD gaming in the den.

The availability of high-definition wireless connections stands to eliminate the morass of cables, switches and other complexities traditionally needed to support the wide variety of devices consumers have and will continue to buy. With high-definition wireless links, media streaming and transmission from any source to any display or recorder is dramatically simplified by removing the need for a hard-wired connection.  WirelessHD will provide a high-speed wireless digital interface that will enable customers to simply connect, play, transmit and port their HD content in a secure manner.

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