Stephen King’s ‘Bag of Bones: 10th Anniversary’ Edition

Stephen King’s Bag of Bones is being released in a special 10 year anniversary trade paperback. This special, low-priced 10th-anniversary trade paperback edition of Bag of Bones, features bonus text from Stephen King and is only available for a limited time. It’s his most gripping and unforgettable novel–a No. 1 bestseller around the world and to this day Scribner’s bestselling King title–a tale of grief, of love’s enduring bonds, and of haunting secrets of the past. The anniversary edition includes a Q&A with King where he talks about ghosts, secrets and being alive. It’s being released on October 21.

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One thought on “Stephen King’s ‘Bag of Bones: 10th Anniversary’ Edition

  1. drewsipher says:

    ive tried reading this book
    but i couldnt finish reading it…
    i just finished
    Salem’ Lot by him
    check out my blog

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