Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in the Next Batman Movie?

The rumor mill is buzzing about plans for the next Batman. And guess which stars are rumored to be on the shortlist to play Batman’s arch enemies? According to several reports, it’s rumored that Johnny Depp is being considered to play the role of The Riddler.

Angelina Jolie has been linked to the role of Catwoman, Batman’s stealthy rival and love-interest, formerly portrayed by Michelle Pfeifer and Halle Berry. In a recent interview with the Daily News, film icon and original Catwoman Julie Newmar whole-heartedly endorsed the idea of Angelina Jolie stepping into the skin-tight costume. “Angelina would own the part,” Newmar said. And she definitely has a point. Check her out as the uber-asassin Fox in this summer’s action flick “Wanted.” Newmar also claims that there is truth behind the casting rumors. “My industry friends tell me [she] has made inquiries about the role. I can understand how it would pique her interest. Catwoman is Batman’s one true love,” mused Newmar. “She’s tremendously popular with women because she’s both a heroine and a villainess.” (From

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