Justin Marks Talks Supermax: The Green Arrow Film

Justin Marks spoke with MTV Movies about the upcoming Green Arrow film. This is an ambitious project mainly because it has the makings for being the ultimate crossover film.


His secret identity is Oliver Queen, billionaire activist of the fictional Star City. Dressed like Robin Hood, Green Arrow is an archer, who invents arrows with various special functions, such as a glue arrow, a net arrow, or a boxing-glove arrow. The script borrows from both the original origin and from Green Arrow: Year One.


Now according to Justin Marks’ interview and what we saw in the script, the real star of this film will be the prison itself.


“It’s a very, very awesome prison. I majored in architecture in college, and design is how I actually started in. For ‘Super Max,’ designing that prison, it had to be the kind of thing that was a character in and of itself,” Marks said. “We’re in a world where instead of just trying to contain a guy who’s really big, you’re trying to contain a guy who can — in the case of Icicle — who can freeze things.


This worked before in the Shawshank Redemption where the actual prison had all the charisma and menacing charm, while the characters were actually an after thought to the story.


As Mark’s puts it, “to escape from Super Max they have got to go through the most elaborate heist we’ve ever seen, involving superpowers. Because the prison itself kind of has superpowers!”


As stated in our script review, “the prison changes shape, cells rearrange, and reconfigure every night to disorient the prisoners from breaking out. A transforming super prison!”


“I see him as the Jason Bourne of superheroes, a guy who exists with his own sort of set of tricks. And I think the difference between Ollie Queen and a guy like Bruce Wayne — they’re both rich. They both have their things. But Batman is about his equipment and is about his theatricality and about his detective skills. And Green Arrow is a guy who’s really just the sort of MacGyver type,” Marks said. “In his hand, anything can be a weapon.”


“I heard a rumor somewhere that Matt Damon was in negotiations to star as Ollie Queen/Green Arrow. He certainly has the physicality and chops for the meaty role considering how bad ass Damon was in the last Bourne film” (From Latino Review)

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