My Review of the iPhone 3G

I have had a plethora of cell phones and PDA’s through the years and the new iPhone 3G is my absolute favorite.  It combines the best of both worlds with an intuitive operating system that is easy to use and simple to understand.  As a kid, I would dream about having some form of device that would be a personal communicator and video device – Dick Tracy stuff and now it has become a reality.  The form factor is typical Apple – sleek, ergonomic, desirable and intelligent.


I recently flew to California to visit my in-laws. I occupied my time on the plane listening to music, watching a movie, catching up on a TV show and finally playing Scrabble all from a little black handheld device.  Before the flight, I was able to check the gate, schedule and weather using the Safari web tool.  It was pleasant not to have to hunt down a Wi-Fi hotspot as the iPhone has internet available 24-7. To ensure I wasn’t late, my phone reminded me of our itinerary for the day with the great calendar function.  I even checked and responded to some work e-mails in between flights. (Setting up my work and personal e-mail was a breeze and took only a few minutes).  At the gate, I downloaded a car racing game using the App Store feature and in a matter of seconds I was playing a new game.  The App Store has many free programs too, roughly 25% of their inventory that allow you to choose from categories such as productivity, business, games, lifestyle, etc.


The phone has one of the best interfaces that I have ever utilized.  The visual voicemail is a great feature that makes it easy to prioritize and respond to a task list of incoming calls that require a response. 


The Apple experience in purchasing the phone was exceptional.  On the day that I purchased the phone, 10 personal shopping assistants helped 10 different customers at various spots in the store using handheld registers.  This alleviated the typical frustrating wait in a long line.  It took 8 minutes to setup my phone and my Apple Assistant provided advice and suggested accessories without being pushy.


Like any product, the 3G is not perfect and does have its flaws.  In the comic book “Spiderman”, Peter Parker’s uncle explains that with great power comes great responsibility.  If he were talking about the iPhone the statement might be, “With great functionality comes reduced power”.  The battery simply does not last that long and requires frequent charges.  At home and in the car, my iPhone is usually charging. That’s my major complaint but here is my wish list for the next software upgrade or iteration of the phone. 


My top 5 requests are as follows:


– Copy and Paste: This is such a basic feature. Having copy and paste makes it easier to type out text messages and e-mails.


– Sync notes:  There needs to be a bidirectional sync function that allows you to add existing notes from your computer to the phone and vice versa. 


-Viewing/Editing Office documents and PDF files: Today, I carry all my documents as email attachments. I would prefer to have a preview like application on my handset to conveniently sync and view documents. Editing capability would also be very helpful.


-Improve memory:  There is a 32GB iPod touch available today so I can only assume a 32GB or greater iPhone is looming in the future.  I have lots of songs, movies and picture that are clamoring for some showcase space.


-Video: Most smart phones have this feature today; it would be a welcome addition to the iPhone.


In summary, Steve Jobs, if you are reading this, please consider my request list?  I hope you can comply as long as it’s not in the form of the new improved iPhone 3G (2.0) to be released next week at half the price I just paid for mine…please give me a little time to enjoy my new toy.



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5 thoughts on “My Review of the iPhone 3G

  1. I have been lusting after the new iPhone 3G as well, I’m currently a Blackberry 7100i guy, but I want to change. The ONLY thing holding me up is the ability to synch the iPhone with Microsoft Outlook , the contacts, calendar and notes, and be able to synch it from the handheld iPhone back to the Desktop as well.
    I understand the e-mail is as workable as my B’berry, but I hate to have to give up my eight or nione years of contacts, etc.
    Any thoughts on this?

  2. The iPhone will sync with Microsoft Outlook for contacts and calendar. It does not synch notes at this point in time. You set this functionality up via iTunes. You can also click an option in iTunes to allow your updated iPhone calendar entries and contacts to appear in Outlook.

    I hope this helps.



  3. Great review…I feel the same way! I hear people grumbling about their iPhones sometime, but I haven’t had the troubles they have had.

  4. I was tempted to have it by O2 contract at £35 a month. But it is too much for me, £10 higher than my existing Orange contract with a Samsung SGH-U600. Instead, I decided to renew my contract having the latest Sanmsung Tocco which is quite comparable to iPhone. Finally, at first I was impressed how iphones work, but later on I realised that it is the same functions with my old XDA O2 unit. XDA is more capable of having microsoft softwares such as msword, pdf reader, power point and excell which iPhones dont have.

  5. Well I’m using HTC TYTN2 which also have all the feature for business man need. Meaning like Sync outlook, bluetooth, 3.5G, GPS, wirelss … wetc. Just the different is iphone really look nice and some feature like itune other cell phone do not have. I also post my phone on . Free free to visit if you got time. Anyway I really like iphone. Thinking buy 1 for my wife.

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