LOST Resurrects Michelle Rodriguez!

Michelle Rodriguez, arguably one of the more polarizing personalities to have ever gotten LOST, is returning to the show this season, multiple sources confirm to EW exclusively.

Details of her comeback are, not surprisingly, shrouded in secrecy, but here’s what EW can tell you:

•    Rodriguez is back for one episode, most likely this season’s second.

•    Given that Ana Lucia’s bullet-riddled body is probably entering the final stage of decomposition, conventional LOST wisdom points to her appearing in someone’s flashback or via hallucination. The fact that Cheech Marin is also on the guest list for episode 2 suggests that it’s most likely a Hurley-centric outing. And after his encounter with Charlie’s ghost last season, it’s certainly feasible that Hurley would have an imaginary run-in with Ana Lucia. There’s also this theory, put forth by EW’s own Doc Jensen: “Maybe Ana Lucia busted L.A.-based Ghost Hustler Miles during her pre-crash LAPD days, and now the freighter folkster is seeing visions of the late Tailie on the Island!” (From Entertainment Weekly)



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