Coca-Cola Readying 100-Flavor Soda Fountains

Coca-Cola Co., the world’s largest beverage firm, is working on a proprietary fountain system that can dispense more than 100 beverages from a single unit.

First-generation prototype dispensers were tested earlier this summer, the company said Thursday. Second-generation dispensers will begin testing in the first half of 2009. A decision on whether to roll out the system in the market will be made after the second round of testing.

The new dispenser uses highly concentrated ingredients to store more beverages in about the same space as a current eight-valve machine.

The new dispenser, which fits in about the same space as a current eight-valve machine, uses high-concentrate ingredients to store more beverages. Adding a new brand is “about as easy as changing a print cartridge,” the company said in a press release.

“Innovation is our lifeblood,” said Chris Lowe, president of the Coca-Cola North America food service and on-premise division, “and we wanted a dispenser that offers consumers greater beverage variety while helping our customers increase beverage profitability.” (Reprinted from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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