Clever Business Cards, Part III

So many of you were very kind and sent me cards that were not included in my last two posts, so here is the final batch of clever business cards.

Fortune Cookie


Greek Restaurant, business cards printed on broken plates

Clever Business Cards, Part I  & Part II


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7 thoughts on “Clever Business Cards, Part III

  1. sarsen56 says:

    on broken plates… owch!

  2. stylebyfire says:

    Great post! I’ve been trying to think of creative ways to design my business cards.

    Are you based in Vancouver? I noticed one of the businesses is from here.

    And it’s Interesting we both use the fire symbol for our blogs…


  3. ekkentric says:

    so cute. i wish i knew of good printers….

  4. 79sparrows says:

    these are so smart!!!!!!

  5. stan says:

    I think I’d be afraid to wear that ED patch. People would get the wrong idea.

    I wonder if he sent one to Bob Dole.

  6. i love the fortune cookie!

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