Dr. Horrible Sings Again

Dr. Horrible hasn’t given up on his plans of world domination — and neither have his creators. The promised soundtrack so you can actually sing along to “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” will be downloadable on iTunes as of September 2, and the next comic is already being written by Zack Whedon.

“The soundtrack is rapidly approaching,” Whedon said. “And all those cut-offs, where the songs would just end,” such as on “Freeze Ray,” when Neil Patrick Harris sings, “I will stop…” just as he’s interrupted and forced to stop singing, “they will be on there as they are on the show. They’re just in a much higher quality, and no sound effects. I sing along to everything and it’ll be weeks before I can stop. It’s driven me mad. Luckily, I can still hold down a job.”

That job would be writing for J.J. Abrams’ new television show “Fringe” and writing “Fringe” comics, but on weekends, Whedon is freelancing on more Dr. Horrible-themed webcomics. His first one focused on Captain Hammer, and the next will be about Horrible’s friend-in-crime, Moist.

“I’m interested in exploring how Moist became Moist,” Whedon said. “It’ll be ‘Moist: Humidity Rising.’ He is so far from making it into the Evil League of Evil, because he really isn’t that bad at all.” (Instead, Moist is in the Henchman’s Union, because he accumulated enough hours “assisting evil people, and inconveniencing people. It doesn’t take much,” Whedon said.)

Whedon said they’ve talked about Fake Thomas Jefferson being next up. “Maybe we can get Drew [Goddard] to do some,” Whedon said, considering Goddard played FTJ in the webisodes and wrote the “Wolves at the Gate” arc in the Buffy Season Eight comics. “That’s a no-brainer for him. And that would be a coup.”

And after that, it’s up for grabs. “All of the Evil League of Evil characters have elaborate and hilarious backstories,” Whedon said. “You could even do one about the groupies in an Archies comics style. Anyone who is seen in the web musical is a candidate for an eight-page comic in my book.”

But because Whedon’s moonlighting and he doesn’t have an exact deadline — he’d like to time the next comic to the DVD release — “it’s a ways off. Who knows? I could have one productive weekend and it’s done, but no one should be holding their breath. Fortunately, I have a big support system, and my brothers [Joss and Jed] can also pick up some of the slack.”

In the meantime, hang tight if you wish to be considered for the Evil League of Evil (the ten best three-minute video applications get on the DVD). Try and reach Bad Horse, and you get a response of “Please stand by. P.S. Please forgive the absence of song. The Bad Horse Chorus currently is recovering from a Horrible hang-over.”

“When people are supposed to be submitting, it’ll be abundantly clear how,” Whedon promised. “Everyone will know.”

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