Post-It Note Race

The challenge was creating a video (TV Spot and viral video) to communicate Nike’s Human 10K race. With a total participation of approx. 1,000,000 runners, the event is scheduled to take place in 24 different cities at the same time.


The video is a call to all Argentines to inspire them to make a joint effort to race the world on August 31 st. There will be 15,000 Argentine participants.


Since in this opportunity, the 10K would be a race against nations, the spot shows an Argentine runner defeating the rest of the participants from other countries. The characters of the runners are all represented with the famous “Post it” papers. The goal was to cheer Argentine runners for them to give everything they’ve got to leave a mark in the rest of the countries. The spot is a stop motion video. The runners in it are animated human figures made with Post-it papers in different colors. The Argentine “paper” figure defeats the participants of the other countries while running through different scenarios of the city of Buenos Aires.

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