Help Save Superman’s House

This week Brad Meltzer‘s new novel, The Book of Lies, arrives in stores. As you may have heard, it touches upon one of Meltzer’s biggest passions: the creation of Superman.

When the author was researching his book, though, he discovered something even more disturbing than anything he had read in a comic book. The Cleveland home where Jerry Siegel created the Man of Steel was in terrible shape.

In hopes of restoring this historic landmark, Meltzer has launched thie website. So far an impressive team of writers, artists and Superman fans has latched on to the cause, including Stephen Colbert, Alex Ross, Neil Gaiman, Tim Sale, Richard Donner, Mike Mignola, Jim Lee and Dave Gibbons. They have contributed a sweet array of auction items, including artwork, a walk-on role on Heroes, the chance to “name the next villain in Ed Brubakers creator-owned comic book” and tons more.

Don’t have tons of cash? You can also help by buying a Chip Kidd-designed T-shirt or donating via the site. All proceeds go to restoration efforts. (Reprinted from Pop Candy)

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