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Daily Show on Republican Hypocrisy

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Guillermo del Toro is Booked Through 2017

Variety has published an article talking about director Guillermo del Toro’s schedule, which is now booked through 2017. Here are several clips:

Universal — which has a three-year first-look deal with the helmer inked in June ’07 — and del Toro are making a long-term commitment by setting up four directing projects, including remakes of “Frankenstein,” “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “Slaughterhouse-Five.”

The fourth project is an adaptation of “Drood,” a Dan Simmons novel acquired by U that will be published in February by Little, Brown.

Of course, del Toro’s first priority is New Line and MGM’s “The Hobbit,” to which he has committed the next five years. He has begun writing “Hobbit” with Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, collaborating via video conferencing and trips to New Zealand every three weeks.

While it’s difficult, if not impossible, to plan projects five years into the future, at this point U execs think “Drood” is the most likely to be del Toro’s first post-“Hobbit” directing vehicle.

In addition to the four pics, the studio still has its sights set on del Toro’s pet project, an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness.”

You can read more on these and other projects HERE!


Guillermo del Toro & The Hobbit


Will Two-Face Return To The Next Batman Movie?

SPOILER ALERT!: The following article spoils certain aspects of The Dark Knight. If you have not seen the movie, turn back now!

Yes, it’s true. Aaron Eckhart says goodbye to Batman. At the press day for his upcoming indie film Towelhead, ComingSoon.net/Superhero Hype! talked to the actor who portrayed Harvey Dent/Two-Face in The Dark Knight. He told us he’s definitely not signed on for another film and confirmed his character is dead.

Eckhart laughed about how he tried to ask if there was a chance he was coming back and was good-humored about the deadly fate of Dent.

CS/SHH!: Is Harvey Dent alive?
Aaron Eckhart: No. He is dead as a door nail.

CS/SHH!: So he’s not coming back?
Eckhart: He ain’t coming back baby!

CS/SHH!: I was hoping he would.
Eckhart: No. I asked Chris [Nolan] that question and he goes, “You’re dead” before I could even get the question out of my mouth. “Hey Chris, am I?” “You’re dead!” Alright, cool.

CS/SHH!: That’s not a problem in comic book movies. You could still come back.
Eckhart: I think in contract negotiations it’s a problem.

CS/SHH!: So you were never signed on for another film?
Eckhart: No, I’m not coming back. I think unfortunately, Heath [Ledger] was supposed to go on and that didn’t work out. I’m nobody. I’m a cog. I have no say over this sort of stuff. I’m sure that there’s so many other characters that they could whip together. I heard Angelina Jolie was going to be Catwoman or something like that. I thought that was a great idea. I’d like to be in that one.

CS/SHH!: It must be gratifying that so many people responded to your character.
Eckhart: Yeah, I dig it. Write your Congressman. I like that for the first time in my career I’m getting fan mail from kids and 8-year-olds. “My name is Bill. I really liked the film.” I’ve never had that before. I think that’s fun. I think someone told me they’re going to be Harvey Two-Face for Halloween which is cool. I said to two kids the other day, “Did you see Batman yet?” Then I come to find out like two seconds later they’ve seen it four times. People are really going back to see it. My parents saw it I think 12 [times] so far. They’re sick that it’s going out of the theaters.

CS/SHH!: Do they normally see your movies 12 times?
Eckhart: I don’t know about 12, but they like to go see the movies. They like to go see the audience. They like to tell people that I’m in the movie like popcorn people. (From ComingSoon.net)


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Green Lantern Film Concept Art

On his official website, illustrator Brian Murray has posted a number of images that he created for ‘Green Lantern‘ screenwriter and (potential) director Greg Berlanti. The images were part of the presentation package Murray created for the ‘Green Lantern‘ feature.

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