Apple Announces New iPod Classic

Apple today updated its iPod classic line, removing both the 80GB and 160GB models and replacing them with a single, thin-bodied 120GB model, which will sell for $249.


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One thought on “Apple Announces New iPod Classic

  1. Great But Needs To Be More User-Friendly
    I’m still loading my CDs onto this wonderful gadget. It has tons of storage for not only music but videos, podcasts and pictures. It automatically sorts your “songs” (inc. parts of a classical work) via Genre, Artist, Composer… also you can design Playlists and assign files to them. and the album art feature adds to the beauty of the design. I approached the ear-bud headset with skepticism but music sounds great through them.

    Needs to be more user friendly. I (dumbly) chose to load via my wife’s Mac rather than my PC. I don’t find the Apple operating system as accessible as many people do, but then, it’s not one I use regularly. So getting to work this thing was (and still is) not as easy as I’d wish — for example, I had to fool around more than I’d have liked to acquire album art. Additionally, the only hard-copy instructions you get are a little Quick Start Guide. The more detailed manuals are on-line so you have to search for the right one and then download and print it if you like to read the instructions off paper rather than the vid monitor. Considering the price, I’d have liked to get more paper instructions but I suppose the market for this product is mainly 16- 35 and not 58 year olds like me.

    Nonetheless — this product is the wave of the future.

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