Iron Man 2 and 3 Updates

At a Stan Lee/Jon Favreau press conference today, both shared some interesting information about the upcoming Iron Man 2 and 3 films:

The Mandarin is the overarching, behind the scenes villain of Favreau’s planned trilogy, but he’s very aware of how hard it is to keep a character like that cool. He compared it to The Emperor from Star Wars – when you first see him, you’re blown away that Darth Vader is bowing down to someone but by Jedi you just want The Emperor to shut up. And by Clone Wars he’s a sidekick.

Favreau is aware that the end battle of Iron Man wasn’t that spectacular, and he’s looking to really up the ante on the action next time. He said that he learned a lot about shooting action on the first film; the scene where Iron Man shoots the hostage takers in the desert town was the very last bit that Favreau shot for the film after reshoots, and he thinks that he found the way to incorporate humor and character into his action there.

He’s really excited about Matt Fraction’s run on the Iron Man comic, and he hints that these comics – which he feels also feed off the movie – will inform the next film. He’s looking to meet with Fraction soon.

Demon In A Bottle is coming. Favreau sees his trilogy as almost one long story, comparing it less to the Spider-Man films, which are modular, and more to The Lord of the Rings or even a season of a TV show.

Jon would like to do Iron Man 2 in 3D! He also called the IMAX “Dark Knight” footage a game changer and he said he’d love to shoot part of “Iron Man 2” in IMAX. Regarding the 3D, he said it’s all about the cost, but if they can make it happen he’d like to do it. He talked about getting to see the armor in 3D and how cool it would be.

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