The Green Lantern Script Details: Spoiler Alert

The script is good.  REALLY REALLY GOOD. Fanboys are gonna love it. 

There is some very excellent craft in THE GREEN LANTERN.  The 3 writers clearly have writing chops, which is expected from writers who work under tight deadlines in television.  The structure adheres closely to what I call – the “superhero origin movie paradigm.” Our hero, in this case Hal Jordan has a fear, limitation, block, or wound at the beginning of the story which he has to overcome (his character arc) or have some control by the midpoint of the script which is usually the time he becomes the superhero for the first time i.e.: BATMAN BEGINS. In GREEN LANTERN’s case, Hal Jordan has to overcome his selfishness and self pity over the death of his father Martin Jordan which takes place early in the script.  Hal Jordan for the first 20 pages or so is a prick.  The story follows the GREEN LANTERN origin closely and cinematically speaking – IT WORKS.

In a nutshell, ABIN SUR’s ship crash lands in the desert on Gaia aka Earth after his fight with LEGION in space.  LEGION got a serious beef with the Green Lantern Corps and hunts them.  Abin incurs some injuries with Legion which prove to be fatal.  Legion is the biggest menace to the Green Lantern Corps and has already killed three of them. With his dying breath, Abin asks the ring to pick someone honest, someone brave.  The ring passes Clark Kent and Guy Gardner and selects Hal Jordan.


Hal Jordan makes it back to Abin’s ship.  Abin dies in Hal’s arms and Hal buries him in the desert. Hal also takes the famous Green Lantern oath by the end of act 1 – the crossing of the first threshold scene.

Also, while Hal is taking the oath, HECTOR HAMMOND at the request of the government, performs an autopsy on Abin Sur.  Abin’s body was recovered at the crash site. During the autopsy, Hector removes a piece of shrapnel which is a piece of LEGION. It infects Hammond who will become the second villain of the script.  LEGION is the the biggest threat to Oa, the Guardians of the universe, and the Green Lantern Corps, and Hector Hammond is the biggest threat to Earth, Hal Jordan and his loved ones. Legion is a bad motherfucker and a Green Lantern terminator, reminds of one of my favorite DC super villains – DOOMSDAY.


Also what was not previously mentioned is that ALAN SCOTT aka the first Green Lantern is also in this script and a major character, but I won’t say how.

The first part of the 2nd act, the test, allies, and enemies stage is where Hal Jordan gets accustomed to his new powers and the 2nd half of act 2 is Hal doing his first deeds on Earth as it’s newest hero.  There is also a romantic subplot that Hal has with CAROL FERRIS.  The 2nd half of act 2 has Hal losing his first fight with Hector Hammond.  Green Lantern travels to Oa to ask the Guardians for help because he believes he cannot defeat Hector Hammond alone.


The 3rd act is wall to wall action where Hal Jordan joins all the other Lanterns on Oa in fighting Legion and then the other Lanterns like KILOWOG joining Hal on Earth to take on Hammond.   Very cool and if executed as written, the script has the potential to be a HUGE blockbuster with serious franchise potential for further sequels and prequels as the script alludes to.


A special effects company will have a field day with THE GREEN LANTERN with all the green shapes and objects that Hal Jordan and his fellow Lanterns conjure up with the ring.

Overall, one of the most solid first draft superhero screenplays EVER.  It turned me into a Green Lantern fan and I already ordered Emerald Dawn and Rebirth to read. (From Latino Review)


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