Do You Want A Signed Joe Hill Book?

This is from Joe’s website today and proves what a nice guy he is:

Followers of the blog know I’ve had a couple go-arounds with grifters selling books with forged signatures in them at mark-up prices. I loathe the idea that people who want signed books are at risk of being taken advantage of by online con men. As far as that goes, I don’t think folks should have to overpay for a genuine signature, either. I love the Sub Press and PS Publishing editions of my stories, and I think they give value for the price, by producing remarkable books: great paper, great covers, bonus material, etc. The signature in the front of these books is, I think, the least interesting and least valuable thing about them.

With that in mind, I had an idea I wanted to throw out there. I’m doing a signing at Water Street Books in Exeter on October 1st. They’ll have HEART-SHAPED BOX in soft and hardcover, 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS in soft and hardcover, and LOCKE & KEY in hardcover. If you’d like a signed book, call them between now and October 2nd, and place an advance order. You’ll only have to pay cover price, plus shipping and handling. And you’ll know it’s the real deal.

Just two rules. They’ll only ship three books per household. And I don’t know how many people will call in, but if they get a really, really ridiculous number of orders, at some point, I’ll have to say that’s it.

So if this is something that interests you – if you want to nail down a signed book or three, and you can’t make it to one of my fall appearances – give Water Street Books a call and they’ll help you out. I’m glad to personalize – just say who you want it for. Here’s Water Street’s info:

Water Street Bookstore

125 Water Street

Exeter, NH 03833

Tel: 603-778-9731



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