Honda Creates ‘Musical Road’ on California Highway

On Avenue K in Lancaster, Calif., Honda will turn your car into a musical instrument — whether you like it or not. Apparently residents have been complaining and the city is paving over the road Tuesday, but for now, grooved strips in the highway will produce the “The Lone Ranger” melody from Rossini’s “William Tell” overture as your tires rumble over them. As signs will tell you this is “The Civic Musical Road,” and, of course, it will be incorporated into an RPA of Santa Monica ad set to run later this month. “Honda is an advanced engineering company, and we thought it would be fun to connect that to the Civic marketing campaign,” said Gary Paticoff, RPA’s senior vice president and executive producer. Half-inch-deep, 1-inch-wide grooves were notched into the road at specific intervals so that a vehicle traveling over them produces tones, said Ray Hunt, Lancaster’s capital engineering manager.


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