Rock Band Offers Real Merchandise For Fake Bands

If you’ve already mastered every instrument for every song on Rock Band 2, game makers Harmonix and MTV Games have figured out a way to make your gaming experience all the more better: By allowing you to order merchandise bearing the fake logo of the fake band you create. You can even order an action figure of the 3D character you built to faux-shred your way through Guns N’ Roses’ “Shackler’s Revenge.” After uploading your in-game band’s logo using the new Photo Creator, you can order a T-shirt, keychain or bumper sticker bearing the emblem, all in an attempt to further enhance your gameplay. If you’re really committed to your character, you can make him the envy of all your GI Joes by ordering the $69 figurine, created specifically using your personalized in-game avatar and complete with customizable posing. Check out more info at the Rock Band Specialty Store . Besides, spending $29 on the T-shirt of a band you created in a video game will make you forget all about that so-called economic meltdown. (From Rolling

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One thought on “Rock Band Offers Real Merchandise For Fake Bands

  1. I recently got into guitar hero at a friends house, in fact found it addictive. She is into all the music playing games, but i figure if i spent half the time actually learning the guitar chords to the songs, i’d be pretty good by now!

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