Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida’s Miniature Food Art

Javelle and Akiko Ida, the husband and wife team present a manufactured micro universe, part Toy Story, part Candy Land, populated with diminutive humanoid characters engaged in a range of ordinary and extraordinary activities. Since the project inception in 2002, the series has grown to over 60 images. The artists have morphed multiple genres of photography, including micro-photography, culinary art, portraiture and landscape. The theme involves action, ranging from sporting scenes to warfare, taking place in carefully staged, fantastic, food settings. In each diptych, the first image introduces the subjects in an uncertain setting. The second panel reveals the scene in totality, to an unexpected, often amusing end.Through light-hearted and playful arrangement, the artists’ work intelligently probes fundamental questions of human perception, and how meaning is constructed and manipulated through images.

You can view additional works HERE.


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