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Special Shining Gathering

Celebrate Stanley Kubrick’s and Stephen King’s classic The Shining at Come Play With Us. This special gathering at the Timberline Lodge in Oregon aims to recreate the 1920s era ball from the film at the same lodge featured in the movie. $100/person VIP Packages include a night’s stay at the lodge, dinner, cocktails, a special midnight showing of the film, and more, while a $25 ticket will let you into the dinner and ball, along with round-trip bus service from Portland.


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Samuel L. Jackson Discusses Iron Man 2

News regarding Marvel’s favorite armored hero has been keeping the ‘Net buzzing lately, with everyone weighing in on the highly publicized replacement of Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle in the role of Jim Rhodes for “Iron Man 2.” While there are still questions surrounding exactly what role Rhodes will play in the film (foremost among them, whether he’ll don the “War Machine” armor) there’s at least some certainty that the character will be in the film — but what about Nick Fury?

Last seen in the post-credits clip that had him asking Tony Stark about “The Avenger Initiative,” S.H.I.E.L.D.’s main man remains somewhat of an unknown commodity in the “Iron Man” film franchise at this point, with little news about whether — and if so, to what degree — he’ll be appearing in future films. MTV News spoke with Samuel L. Jackson, the man who not only played Nick Fury in “Iron Man” but also provided the photo-reference for the character in Mark Millar’s re-imagined Avengers series, “The Ultimates.”

“I just want to see what they want to do with him,” Jackson said of his hopes for the Nick Fury’s return in the “Iron Man” sequel. “I’ve read ‘The Ultimates.’ I know what’s going on with him. Hopefully they will make that character as integral a part of it as he is in the comic books.”

Jackson might get his wish, too. In a recent interview with BlackVoices.com, Jackson said he asked “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau about reprising his role during this weekend’s Scream Awards.

“He told me we were [going to see Nick Fury again],” said Jackson. “I was standing next to George Lucas and he said to me, ‘Hey! I hope you are making your deal with them (Paramount)’ and I was like, ‘Really.’”

Jackson also told BlackVoices.com he was excited to be working with his “good friend” Don Cheadle in “Iron Man 2,” adding that it was “kind of amazing how [the switch from Terrence Howard to Don Cheadle] happened.”

And even though he wasn’t sure what level of involvement his character will have in future “Iron Man” installments, Jackson didn’t shy away from offering up some input to MTV regarding the film’s hero, Tony Stark.

“I’m concerned that Tony Stark is not the playboy I want him to be — that he was in the comic book,” Jackson told MTV. “He should have hot babes around him all the time. I don’t want him in love with his secretary!”

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AMC Orders a Third Season of Mad Men

There will be more Mad Men, “The show will remain on AMC. It will come back next season.” According to a network rep. However, the powers that be are still in negotiations with Mad genius Matt Weiner, which means it is hypothetically possible for season three to go forward without him.  I hope not!

The network adds, “Just you wait until you see the final two episodes of season 2. Waterworks.”


Tissue Thin Buckypaper Is Stronger Than Steel

It’s called “buckypaper” and looks a lot like ordinary carbon paper, but don’t be fooled by the cute name or flimsy appearance. It could revolutionize the way everything from airplanes to TVs are made. Read more HERE.


Jeff Probst Creates New Show For CBS

Survivor’s Jeff Probst has created — and will host — a new reality pilot for CBS, EW.com has learned exclusively. The show, Live Like You’re Dying, will feature a person who has been given a terminal diagnosis with a finite amount of time to live and “take them on the last adventure of their life,” according to Probst. That adventure will include reunions with lost friends or formerly feuding family members, a “legacy moment” that will ensure their name carries on forever, and living out a personal dream. “It could be playing guitar with Eric Clapton or jumping out of a plane into a volcano,” Probst explained to EW.com. “Whatever it is that you’re still desiring to do in your life — we want to make it happen.” (A new subject will be profiled for every episode should the show get picked up and go to series.)

Of course, a program profiling people with terminal diseases runs the risk of being just a tad morbid, but Probst insists the show will be inspirational rather than depressing. “The focus of the show is not death,” says Probst. “The story we’re going tell is about living. This is a show that is intended to inspire everybody to get the most out of their lives every day.”

Joining Probst on the project is his Survivor boss Mark Burnett, who will also be executive producing, and Denise Cramsey of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Trading Spaces, who will act as showrunner. Production on the Live Like You’re Dying pilot will begin in January (after filming has wrapped on season 18 of Survivor), and no air date has been set should the show make it to series. (From Entertainment Weekly)




Rolling Stone Magazine Ends Large Format After 4 Decades

Rolling Stone magazine is shrinking with the times.

After standing out for decades with different formats from other magazines, it will start looking like everyone else starting with the Oct. 30 issue, due out this week.

The adoption of a standard format could boost single-copy sales and reduce production costs for advertising inserts such as scent strips and tear-out postcards. The magazine says any cost savings, though, will be offset by the inclusion of more pages and the shift to thicker, glossier paper.

New size for Rolling Stone magazine


Soft Drink Can Generator

With Soft Drink Can Generator, you can create your own brand of carbonated beverage. Enter some text, choose an emblem, pick your colors and patterns, and click the ‘Go’ button. A soft drink can will be generated.  You can also create your own seal, badge, delivery truck logo and more HERE.


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