Director Malcolm Would Like To Direct An Iron Fist And Power Man Movie

Still at the junket for Soul Men during the roundtable questioning, Malcolm Lee mentioned comic book movies. Latino Review asked him what he would be interested in doing when he said Iron Fist and Power Man.

Lee: You got a white karate dude and a big blaxplotation dude. I want it to be an action-comedy.

Any idea on who you’d like to see play the roles?

Lee: I don’t know.

What about Michael Jai White? He’d be good.
He works out at my gym, he’d be a good Cage. [Ya, ya, ya. I think he’d be a good fit.]

Lee: I don’t know. You gotta have somebody’s who’s funny.

I’m gonna tell him you said he wasn’t funny.

Lee: (laughs) I didn’t say he wasn’t funny! I didn’t say that!

I also asked him if it was his intention to make it a comedy movie and he said he wanted it to be in the vein of Bad Boys. Not Bad Boys II, but Bad Boys as far as the comedy dynamic between the two.

I like Malcolm Lee, so hopefully he can get this project off the ground!


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One thought on “Director Malcolm Would Like To Direct An Iron Fist And Power Man Movie

  1. Michael Lee should re-think that suggestion.. I think that Michael Jai White would be a great power man…
    I’m from East Harlem, NYC, black, 280 built, and believe I have better characteristic and attribute of a Power Man than….Tyrese…Tyrese….lol even the “Sho Gun of Harlem”(The Last Dragon) wouldn’t approve of that move…One.

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