“American Pride and Passion” by Eric Curry

My brother-in-law, George Palaziol, recommended this to me.  George had the opportunity to meet the artist and was present at the photo shoot represented below.


Eric Curry is a Los Angeles based photographer whose “American Pride and Passion” large-scale photographic prints focus on classic American automobiles, airplanes, and huge road machinery. The remarkable images “bring out the pride and passion in everyday objects.” Each shot is constructed by combining and layering multiple exposures. Each exposure renders only a small part of a gigantic scene, but is exquisitely lit with a keen eye toward textural and dimensional rendition, color saturation, and visual clarity. When combined in a single image we are confronted with a hyper-real, high-resolution version of the world, more clearly focused and more viscerally intense than our experience of reality itself.


Eric describes his craft as follows, “Through my photographs, I strive to share with the viewers the passions enjoyed by our fellow countrymen.  Whether laborer, professional, volunteer, Corporate CEO or just a guy who owns a cool, old pickup truck, we all share this American experience together”.


You can check out his website HERE and purchase his lavish hardcover coffee table book HERE.


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2 thoughts on ““American Pride and Passion” by Eric Curry

  1. HI Larry:
    That is great you have the shot on your blog. Cool! I’m gad you like the work. It is very hard for me to do them as it is so technical, conceptually demanding and expensive. Ultimately as something to give back to our nation I think I am still on the plus side in terms of balance in the universe…

    If you would like to contact me use this email address as I check it all the time.

    WArm Regards: Eric Curry

    I have several shots that will be added to the web site soon and am working on some real interesting ones in the future.

  2. please allow us to enjoy your work….were very,very impressed

    Keep it up lefty and lefty

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