Michael Moore Takes On Wall Street Next

As the American economy goes to hell in a hand basket, Michael Moore is working on his new still untitled documentary. Announced by Paramount Vantage at Cannes in May as a follow-up to Fahrenheit 9/11, the doc couldn’t be more timely. The film maker who went after General Motors in his breakthrough film Roger and Me is now chasing down the villains of Wall Street and corporate America, the Gordon “greed is Good” Gekkos of the world.

“Its scope is large-scale,” he said in Cannes. “It’s not a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11. It’s for me the next logical step in a series of films that began with Bowling for Columbine and went through Fahrenheit and now bring me to this particular place… In this film I’m going to take a look at the empire we have created and how did we get there and exactly when are the lights going to be turned out on this empire?”

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