Baby Monitor iPhone App Calls You When Baby Cries

Monitor your sleeping baby with this iPhone app called Baby Monitor. Simply place the iPhone near your sleeping baby, if it detects noise, it places a phone call to the number of your choice, you can then listen in for activity from your baby. Great for when you are on the go or traveling, no need to pack your regular baby monitor. One feature that makes this application exceptional is that the monitor has unlimited range!

Even use it to monitor when older kids arrive home from school, etc. The applications are unlimited. It also will detect if your baby picks up the phone. Great for curious toddlers that wake up from their nap without making noise. A fantastic value at only 99 cents and the application can be downloaded HERE.


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One thought on “Baby Monitor iPhone App Calls You When Baby Cries

  1. The best baby monitor on the iTunes App Store is BabyPhone Deluxe from
    I baught 3 apps and tested it. This one is the most reliable:
    – it works on when a sms comes in, or a calender event, or phone call
    – it reactivates itself after it did a call, and you can adjust the reactivation time yourself
    – you can set a call-delay time
    – you get a BabyRecorder on top that records all sounds when the sound exceeds an adjustable value

    You can download it for only 3,99 USD in the App Store:

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