Neil Gaiman Calls Coraline the Strangest Stop-Motion Film Ever

The movie version of Neil Gaiman’s award-winning novella Coraline will be a 3-D stop-motion extravaganza, according to the author.


“It’s the biggest, most strange, expressive, peculiar, enormous stop-motion film I think that’s ever been made,” Gaiman told “Everything is created, everything is handmade.”


Directed by Henry Selick, who worked with producer Tim Burton on animated movies The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach, Coraline tells the story of a bored little girl who moves into a magical, if slightly demonic, new house. More Chronicles of Narnia than Amityville Horror, the building possesses a secret that Coraline discovers on the other side of a bricked-up door.


The film and the book differ slightly, Gaiman said. The book’s Mr. Bobo becomes Mr. Bobinski (voiced by Deadwood‘s fabulous Ian McShane) in the film, and there’s a new character, Wybie, who befriends Coraline (voiced by Dakota Fanning). Director Selik added Wybie so Coraline wouldn’t be walking through corridors talking to herself all the time, Gaiman said.


Also in the film: Teri Hatcher plays Coraline’s mothers in the real world and the alternate universe behind the door, and John Hodgman plays her fathers. The Absolutely Fabulous team of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are cast as a pair of retired actresses.


Coraline has already been turned into a graphic novel, drawn by P. Craig Russell. A musical and a videogame based on the story are also on the way.


The movie is set for a February 2009 release. Watch the video interview HERE. (From


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