Guillermo Del Toro to Remake Pinocchio

You can add Pinocchio to Guillermo del Toro’s long to-do list. The prolific filmmaker is teaming with the Jim Henson Co. to executive-produce and co-write a stop-motion version of the classic puppet story, according to Del Toro will collaborate with illustrator Gris Grimly, who serves as co-director on the film with sound editor Adam Parrish King. Created by 19th-century writer Carlo Collodi, the puppet-turned-boy who grows a big nose when he lies charmed moviegoers in 1940 when Walt Disney released its animated classic Pinocchio. Less charmed was a remake attempted by Francis Ford Coppola in the early 1990s. That project fell victim to lawsuits and studio squabbling. Del Toro told last week that he devotes his first two hours each morning to The Hobbit script, then spends the rest of the day troubleshooting a dozen or so other projects. His Pinocchio is expected to be completed in about three years.



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