The Shining Twins, Where Are They Now?


My friend Don Thompson writes THE FIRE WIRE and asks:

“I was thinking about the twins from the Shinning and was wondering, “Where are they now?”  I know there are probably tons of people that fall in this category but the twins creeped me out sooooooo bad to this day I can’t watch them in the hall with Danny.  Any photos or idea what they are up to?”

To answer your question Don: The Grady Twins from the Shining were played by real life twins Lisa & Louise Burns.  They doubtlessly hold the record for being on screen the least amount of time yet making the scariest impact. Neither made another movie after The Shining. Instead, the lure of higher education enticed them both. According to, Lisa Burns earned a degree in Literature, while her sister, Louise became a microbiologist. To see what the twins look like today, click HERE.  Pleasant dreams…

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  1. We just stayed at The Fairmont Chateau Montebello in Montebello, Quebec, Canada, and I swear, we felt like we were at the Overlook hotel! There was even an axe outside our hotel room door. The twins were a big laugh for us as we walked down halls and expected to see them standing at the end with their creepy little voices. Thanks for the update!

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