Stephen King’s New Novella, Morality

According to Lilja’s Library it appears that Stephen King has just completed a new novella.


This is what the moderator on King’s official board said about the new project:

“Right now he’s working on the edits for Under the Dome. He did finish a novella called Morality but I don’t think that’s been sold for publication yet.”


More information to come as soon as I know…



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2 thoughts on “Stephen King’s New Novella, Morality

  1. Hey you seem to be a big King fan. Good!

    I don’t know how many hits you get a month but it’s good to know someone aside from me spreads the word around the internet about the man. Aside from being incredibly prolific, he writes good stories

    Meantime, I wait impatiently for Under the Dome, the (at least) 900 pager due this fall.

    Love your site! Wide variety of material to check in on near daily!

  2. Frank,
    Last month we had about 90,000 hits. I have been a Stephen King fan since 1983 and eagerly await his next short story or book. 2009 looks like a great year for King fans with the publications of: Under The Dome, Mortality, Little Sisters of Eluria, One For The Road, The Secretary of Dreams (Volume Two), Stephen King Goes to the Movies, The 2 Marvel comic book series, The Talisman comic book and probably more! I appreciate your kind words and support! Thank you.

    All the Best,


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