Stephen King’s New Novella, Morality

According to Lilja’s Library it appears that Stephen King has just completed a new novella.


This is what the moderator on King’s official board said about the new project:

“Right now he’s working on the edits for Under the Dome. He did finish a novella called Morality but I don’t think that’s been sold for publication yet.”


More information to come as soon as I know…



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2 thoughts on “Stephen King’s New Novella, Morality

  1. Frank Zubek says:

    Hey you seem to be a big King fan. Good!

    I don’t know how many hits you get a month but it’s good to know someone aside from me spreads the word around the internet about the man. Aside from being incredibly prolific, he writes good stories

    Meantime, I wait impatiently for Under the Dome, the (at least) 900 pager due this fall.

    Love your site! Wide variety of material to check in on near daily!

  2. larryfire says:

    Last month we had about 90,000 hits. I have been a Stephen King fan since 1983 and eagerly await his next short story or book. 2009 looks like a great year for King fans with the publications of: Under The Dome, Mortality, Little Sisters of Eluria, One For The Road, The Secretary of Dreams (Volume Two), Stephen King Goes to the Movies, The 2 Marvel comic book series, The Talisman comic book and probably more! I appreciate your kind words and support! Thank you.

    All the Best,


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