Foodscapes: Amazing Food Art By Carl Warner

Carl Warner is a London-based photographer who makes foodscapes: landscapes made of food. The scenes are photographed in layers from foreground to background, as the process is very time-consuming and the food quickly wilts under the lights. The images can take up to two or three days to build and photograph and then a couple of days retouching and fine-tuning them to blend together all the elements.  Carl spends a lot of time planning each image before shooting in order to choose the best ingredients to replicate larger scale shapes and forms within nature, Warner says: “Although there is a fair amount of waste, there is a lot of food left over which is always shared out with the team, though most of the food used in the sets have either been superglued or pinned, and neither of these makes for good eating.” Carl shoots the scenes using a Hasselblad H3D39 and retouches them on a Mac in his London studio. He cites as his influences the photographer Ansel Adams and films such as The Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Check out his amazing foodscapes HERE.




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