Poken – The Social Networking Gadget



A Poken ($180 for a 12 pack) is a small gadget for your keychain that allows you to share all of your social networking information with other people just by touching your Poken to theirs. Think of it as an electronic business card that stores your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. Your new friends and business contacts will then be able to access your personal networking sites simply.


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4 thoughts on “Poken – The Social Networking Gadget

  1. pochp says:

    Hey! that was the greatest techie invention so far. But it might probably topple the flashdrive.

  2. jicola.com says:

    What a great Idea

  3. MadSilence says:

    How about a Poken insulated sleeve to prevent unintended personal contact & info transmittal?

  4. pochp says:

    Hey! You should contact Poken in Switzerland and sell your great idea! Might make you rich, who knows?

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