2008 Apple Store Holiday Displays

The Apple store launched its 2008 holiday window display featuring an iconic Santa Claus clutching an iPhone 3G along with an Elf holding the new Nano-Chromatic iPods.

A coveted iPhone endorsement from Santa Claus is yet another deliberate act of brilliance on the part of Apple who’ve adopted a “take no prisoners approach” to their retail window displays. The text behind iPhone Santa reads, “What to give the person who does everything.” The iPod Elf text reads, “There’s a color for every stocking”.

These 5-foot, three dimensional holiday figures were fabricated by the Brooklyn-based company Lite Brite Neon, featuring neon-lit, glowing headphone cables.   The characters appear as though they were designed by Pixar animation and make me wish that the movie studio would create an animated holiday special akin to the Rankin Bass stop motion programs that I was fond of in my youth!





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