Burger King Selling Meat-Scented Body Spray

Burger King is on a roll. Or maybe a bun. Just in time for Christmas giving, they’re offering something special for rude fast-food dudes.


The chain has debuted “Flame,” a new men’s body spray that promises to make the guys on your Christmas list smell like “flame-broiled” meat. Even if their significant others are offended, their dogs will love them.  Cats will worship at their feet.  A little spritz before that post Christmas hunting trip will attract carnivorous animals from miles around.


The warped BK marketers are actually selling “Flame” online via Ricky’s, a New York-based costume retailer, for the amazingly low price of $3.99. Click HERE to place your order. Not available from your nearby drive through. Makes a perfect stocking stuffer for the olfactory challenged in your life.


Rumors that Burger King will offer a body wash that smells like French fries in time for Valentine’s Day are unfounded.



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