Neil Patrick Harris Would Like To Do A Dr. Horrible Sequel

Neil Patrick Harris told SCI FI Wire that he’s eager to appear in a sequel to Joss Whedon’s hit Web musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and would also jump at the chance to guest on Whedon’s upcoming Fox SF series Dollhouse. “Oh, God, I wish I could say there was going to be a Dr. Horrible sequel, but I know there’s so many people involved in the creation of it that have a lot of other stuff going on right now,” Harris said in an interview at the Video Game Awards last week. “Mainly, Joss [is doing] Dollhouse, and he has another movie, Cabin in the Woods, that he’s doing at the same time. So I don’t know that anything would happen soon. But everyone has been super-enthusiastic about it, and I think that means that hopefully something will come.” Having worked with Whedon on Dr. Horrible–in which Harris played the title character, a wannabe super villain–Harris now finds himself among the actors whom Whedon might cast in other projects. Whedon has previously cast actors from former shows on new ones: Amy Acker and Eliza Dushku of Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are now on Dollhouse, and Buffy’s Felica Day and Serenity’s Nathan Fillion were Harris’ co-stars in Dr. Horrible. Asked about appearing in Dollhouse, Harris laughed. “Wow! Well, you know, I’m in CBS’ corner right now because of How I Met Your Mother, so I don’t know that I’d be able to, but I think it’s produced by 20th Century Fox, so, you know, they’re sort of cousins,” he said. “That would be fun! All right. I’ll ask Joss! I like being a cousin in the Whedon family, so whatever he wants me to do. Except porn.” No Joss porn? “Well, twice,” Harris said, with tongue in cheek. “It will drop next year. And, you know what I mean by ‘drop.'” Dollhouse debuts on Fox on Feb. 13; Dr. Horrible is now available on DVD. (From


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