Are You LOST? Use This Guide To Catch Up

“If the first episode of LOST that you ever see is the first episode of Season 5, you will not understand a majority of it,” admitted co-executive producer Carlton Cuse, speaking to reporters at ABC’s winter-TV previews in Los Angeles. Hopefully you’re already a regular viewer. (If not, get going on those DVDs!)

Even so, it has been eight long months since the last new episode (Tonight’s three-hour premiere event begins with a one-hour recap episode at 8 pm/ET). Even if we have been watching, we can’t be expected to remember every detail of such a rich, complicated show, can we? TV Guide compiled this catch-up guide that tells you where most of the main characters (don’t worry, Rose and Bernard are OK) were when we last saw them, and where they’re headed this season.

A quick recap: Six survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 — and Desmond — were rescued and returned to civilization. The remainder disappeared into thin air when Ben “moved” the island. Where they moved, and how the Oceanic 6 will return to the island will be the season’s two major narratives, but don’t expect them to be simple or straightforward. In fact, don’t focus on where the island is now; instead you should ask when it is. Read more HERE.


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