Stephen King Contemplating An ‘Under The Dome’ YouTube Video

Stephen King has gone multimedia. “N.,” one of the tales in the best-selling author’s latest short story collection, “Just After Sunset,” was turned into an original Web video series in conjunction with Marvel Comics. The collaboration has inspired King, 61; he’s thinking about doing a YouTube video for his novel “Under the Dome,” out later this year. Such projects are definitely fun, King says. “But with all these multimedia things, the story is the story still, the book is the book, and that’s the source material. As J.R.R. Tolkien might say, ‘That’s the one ring.’ It rules the other one.” (From USA Today)





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One thought on “Stephen King Contemplating An ‘Under The Dome’ YouTube Video

  1. I followed the “N” video when it came out and it (for such that it was) worked pretty well. (If anything- it got me coming back day after day despite the minimum daily 2 minute running time)

    Under the Dome will be a challenge if he’s doing the whole book since it’s rumored to be close to a thousand pages in length!
    Though I would imagine (if it were ME…..) he might be considering having portions of the most exciting parts of the story highlighted on Youtube. Using those as a kind of teaser to get people to buy the book to see what happens next…..
    Thanks for sharing this news. I’ll be checking Youtube around November which is when the novel is due on the shelves.

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